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Another one bites the dust as Akira takes aim at the dead and living alike. 

This unique bound weapon gives Akira longevity and durability on both offensive and defensive teams. It comes with a powerful third slot ability where: “At the start of every turn, this character recovers from all penalties and gets guardian shield”

Although it may look daunting at first, you can use certain strategies to get the upper hand when facing him.

For example, the third slot ability will only trigger at the start of his turn, meaning when using Akira on the defensive team, he will not get a guardian shield or clear any status effects or penalties until the attacker’s turn is over. 

This order of operation makes Akira susceptible to Trauma and Disarm. If Akira is disarmed, he will be unable to clear all penalties and acquire a guardian shield, as third slot abilities do not trigger when disarmed. 

For this reason, when including Akira in your team, Modding him against Trauma and Disarm is imperative to this fighter’s effectiveness.

Example of Akira on a defense team:

The attacking turn begins:

  • On turn 1, the enemy team applies 3000 Trauma, Taunt, Impair, and Normalize to Akira. 

The defensive turn begins:

  • Akira will recover from Taunt, Impair, and Normalize before recovering from Trauma.
  • Recovering from those penalties will cause Akira to take 9000 Trauma damage immediately (3000 Trauma damage x 3 statuses recovered), before the guardian shield is applied. 
  • If Akira has less than 9000 HP he dies.
  • If Akira survives, Guardian Shield is applied and Akira will have no active penalties on him.