Hello Survivors!

The end of November is fast approaching and you know what that means… CYBER WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA!! The events start tomorrow and will be running through the end of Cyber Monday!

The Wanderer’s Gambit Wheel

First off, we’re happy to announce “The Wanderer’s Gambit” event, where you can get up to 4400 coins back for pulling on his wheel!! Full event details can be found here!

Black Friday Login Event

Next up, we have a login event where you can earn rewards just for logging in each day! If you purchase a “Wild Turkey” collectible, you can skyrocket the value of your entire week!

Full Details:

Start: Sunday 11/22/20 at 4:00PM PST

End: Tuesday 12/1/20 at 4:00PM PST


MissionFree Login RewardsWild Turkey Boosted Rewards(Includes Completion Rewards)
Login 1 Day1x World Energy1,000x Elite Item Tokens2x Energy Choice Boxes
Login 2 Days2x Epic Gear Choice Box A1x Epic Gear Choice Box B1,000x Elite Item Tokens8x Legendary Gear Choice Box A2x Legendary Gear Choice Box B
Login 3 Days4x Ulysses1,000x Elite Item Tokens5x Lilith
Login 4 Days1x Random Gold Mod1,000x Elite Item Tokens1x Random Platinum Mod
Login 5 Days1x Blowtorch1,000x Elite Item Tokens1 Varnish1x Engine Grease
Login 6 Days1000x Armory Tokens1,000x Elite Item Tokens10,000x Armory Tokens
Login 7 Days3x Brady1,000x Elite Item Token2x Bernadette

Choice Box Contents:

Energy Choice Box

  • Choice of:
    • 1x World Energy Refill
    • 1x Raid Energy Refill
    • 1x Territory Energy Refill
    • 1x War Energy Refill
    • 1x Survival Road Energy Refill

Epic Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Weapon Tripod
    • 1x Sports Gauntlet
    • 1x Practice Dummy
    • 1x Knife Sheath

Epic Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Hand Crank Radio
    • 1x Military Watch

Legendary Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Whetstone
    • 1x Double Holster
    • 1x Hockey Mask
    • 1x Magazine Bandolier

Legendary Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Canteen
    • 1x GPS

Only one Wild Turkey is necessary for the entirety of the event. You can purchase it in the shop for only $4.00 USD! The value here is insane so don’t miss out!!

New Sales Every Day!

Finally, we will have new Cyber Week sales every single day from Sunday 11/22/20 – Tuesday 12/1/20 with enough value to blow up a frozen turkey without a deep fryer! Offers will include Trait Themed S-Class Choice Boxes, Powerful Weapons, Mods and much much more! Make sure to check the “Cyber Week” tab each day throughout the Cyber Week Extravaganza!!