Hey Survivors,

Earlier today, 12/2/20, the milestone rewards for the Raid Tournament included an incorrect number of Snowballs for the Bashing through the Snow event. Due to this issue, We will be removing all Snowballs earned since the start of the event. As a result of this issue and the removal of earned erroneous Snowballs, we will be providing all players with the following:

  • All players will receive 155 Snowballs, which is the maximum number of Snowballs that have been attainable in the Raid Tournament since launch of the event.*
  • In addition to the 155 Snowballs, we realize that this issue caused a large amount of frustration overall. Due to that, we wanted to provide players with more Snowballs than should have originally been earnable at this point in the event. Thus, 345 additional Snowballs will be rewarded to all players.*
  • For those that were able to redeem any version of Christmas Governor, we will be removing the character from those accounts and will return any potential trainers and gear used to level up that character, up to a 7:00PM PST – 12/2/20 cutoff. Any gear or trainers used after the cutoff will not be returned.
  • We will also be restarting the Bashing through the Snow Mission Event to ensure that it correctly tracks the Snowballs that will be sent as part of the compensation package.
  • For those that purchased offers as part of the event, new “free” offers will be sent to you to allow you to redeem the Snowballs purchased to be used in the restart of the event
  • Finally, all players will be provided with the following due to the negative experience that this issue caused:
Bloody Snowball (as detailed above*)500 Total
Benedict Trainers40
Ulysses Trainers8
Lilith Trainers10
Legendary Choice Box B10
Legendary Choice Box A50
Epic Choice Box B10
Epic Choice Box A50
Armory Token25000
Raid Energy Refills10
S-Class Choice Box2

Choice Box Contents:

S-Class Choice Box

  • Choice of:
    • 800x S-Class Marge Cards
    • 800x S-Class Carl Cards
    • 800x S-Class Morgan
    • 800x S-Class Beta Cards
    • 800x S-Class Jobe Cards
    • 800x S-Class Javier Cards
    • 800x S-Class May Cards
    • 800x S-Class Scotsman Cards

Epic Gear Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Weapon Tripod
    • 1x Sports Gauntlet
    • 1x Practice Dummy
    • 1x Knife Sheath

Epic Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Hand Crank Radio
    • 1x Military Watch

Legendary Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Whetstone
    • 1x Double Holster
    • 1x Hockey Mask
    • 1x Magazine Bandolier

Legendary Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Canteen
    • 1x GPS

Impacted players can expect to see related items removed from their accounts starting immediately and you can expect all compensation items to be delivered within 48 hours. Please note that this compensation may appear in the form of multiple inbox messages/offers depending on the level your account was impacted and that these messages/offers may not appear exactly at the same time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.