The holiday season always brings back a lot of memories, and even the survivors reminisce about memories frozen in the past.

Whether it’s friends lost along the way or adventures and battles passed, it can do us all some good to remember the times had with past teammates.

So, let’s bring a few memories back with an Old School event!

Event Dates:

Start Date: 12/7/20 at 12:00 p.m.

End Date: 12/21/20 at 12:00 p.m.

Event Details:

This is an Old School event, which means you can only use Fighters which are 5 Stars or below to participate.

Three exclusive Roadmaps will be made available:

  • 1 Frozen Path Roadmap: It will provide you with Christmas Teddy Bears and Santa Beards. (Resets Daily)
  • 2 Frozen Roadmaps: One Hard and One Easy, they will unlock with Santa Beards and use Christmas Teddy Bears as energy. They reward you with Santa Bags. (Resets twice a day)

The drill is pretty simple. You will first want to complete your daily Frozen Path Roadmap run. You can then use your Santa Beards to unlock the difficulty of your choice, either Easy or Hard. Harder difficulty also implies higher costs but offers better rewards.

You can then redeem your Santa Bags for rewards in the Gray Market, including S-Class Cards, Armory Tokens, Trainers, and more.

Roadmap Details

Frozen Path Roadmap (Easy)

Your source for Christmas Teddy Bears (energy) and Santa Beards (unlock key). Has a small chance to drop Santa Beards in each stage.

  • 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Reset: 1 per Day
  • Cost: 5 Energy per stage (15 total)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Enemy type: Walkers
  • Stage Rewards: 10 Christmas Teddy Bears
  • Act Reward: 1 Santa Beard

Frozen Roadmap (Easy)

  • 1 Act, 5 Stages
  • Reset: 2 per Day
  • Unlock: 1 Santa Beard
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Enemy Type: Walkers, Fighters
  • Cost: 6 Christmas Teddy Bears per stage (total 30)
  • Stage reward: 5 Santa Bags
  • Act Reward: 10 Santa Bags

Frozen Roadmap (Hard)

  • 1 Act, 5 Stages
  • Reset: 2 per Day
  • Unlock: 2 Santa Beards
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Enemy Type: Walkers, Fighters
  • Cost: 9 Christmas Teddy Bears per stage (total 45)
  • Stage reward: 10 Santa Bags
  • Act Reward: 20 Santa Bags

Gray Market Rewards

Once you have some Santa Bags in the… bag? You’ll be able to turn them in for some great rewards of your choice:

RewardCost (Santa Bags)Stock
1 S-Class Card ChoiceBox2006
1 Varnish1305
1 Blowtorch605
10 Brady5015
2,000 Armory Tokens2515
1, 350 Gear Markers1520

S-Class Card CB Contents:

  • 700 Morgan Cards
  • 700 Lee Cards
  • 700 Javier Cards
  • 700 Axel Cards
  • 1000 Princess Cards
  • 1000 Frost Cards
  • 1000 Mercer Cards