Today our new Season kicks off, along with our previously announced new Alliance Event, which will be launching alongside Season 14.

After reviewing our event design further, we have decided to adjust the focus of the event more towards working together rather than preventing factions from participating based on your historical League Standings, which will lead to a more fun event! 

As previously explained, the Alliance Event will have you completing weekly Faction Missions, to obtain Faction Tokens throughout the season.

Originally, you needed to collect Medals each week in order to complete certain Alliance Main MIssions. This requirement will be removed, to allow for more freedom in your progression. 

Now, all Factions, no matter their Faction League Standing, will be able to attempt to fully complete all weekly challenges in the event and have a better chance at obtaining the new Avatar.

Keep in mind that Alliance Mission progression is intended to increase in intensity and difficulty as you move through the missions. Alliance Mission III & IV will be challenging for factions in lower Leagues to complete, but don’t give up!

We apologize for any inconveniences this last-minute adjustment may cause, but rest assured that the same rewards will be available nonetheless. You and your Faction Mates can still complete all the secondary missions and gain their rewards as a Faction, as originally communicated.

The original post will be updated to reflect these changes.