Update 12/17/20 @ 3:00PM PST:
Hello Survivors, due to a slight complication, the Gear Exchange Gray Market Shop will no longer appear in the Gray Market. Instead, the same exchanges will be available within the museum at the same costs detailed below. Please expect to see this available within the next few hours.

Thank you again for your patience!
Hello Survivors,

Today, 12/16, we released a new character, Jean Baptiste, who erroneously requires normal gear to tier up, instead of the expected knives. A number of players have already obtained the character and have begun tiering him up. Rather than reverting the tier requirements, we will not be adjusting the requirements. In an effort to maintain the free gear requirements, a Gray Market shop will be added to allow everyone to exchange knives for the exact gear requirements of Jean Baptiste. Specifics of the Gray Market exchange can be found below:

  • Knife Exchange 1
    • Description: Tier 1 to Tier 2 Alert S-Class Gear
    • Cost: 4 Knives
    • Contains: 1x Bag containing the following:
      • 8x Camp Stove
      • 12x Briefcase
      • 2x Army Walkie Talkie
      • 2x School Bag
  • Knife Exchange 2
    • Description: Tier 2 to Tier 3 Alert S-Class Gear
    • Cost: 7 Knives
    • Contains: 1x Bag containing the following:
      • 30x Briefcase
      • 30x Practice Dummy
      • 5x Military Watch
      • 5x Hand Crank Radio
  • Knife Exchange 3
    • Description: Tier 3 to Tier 4 Alert S-Class Gear
    • Cost: 12 Knives
    • Contains: 1x Mystery Bag containing the following:
      • 30x Practice Dummy
      • 30x Double Holster
      • 5x GPS
      • 5x Canteen
  • Note: Make sure you grab the gear boxes in the order you want to obtain it in, as Customer Support will not be able to reverse the purchase if you choose the incorrect gear box.

All other Gold Brick characters will remain unchanged.

You can expect to see the Gray Market exchange appearing in-game within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy Jean Baptiste!