The clock is ticking and everyone is working together to get a working vaccine out as fast as possible. You’ll have to help Amber gather the needed supplies to help her deliver the life-saving solution to everyone in the colonies.

Help the survivors collect vaccines and get Amber to join your squad!

Event Dates

Start Date: Tuesday, January 5 @ 4pm PDT

End Date: Tuesday, January 26 @ 4pm PDT

Museum Collections and Gray Market End Date: Wednesday, January 27 @ 4PM 

Event Details

To help Amber’s efforts you will need to collect:

  • Virus Vaccines: Only available through the event Roadmap
  • Syringes: Mainly available through Tournament Milestone rewards.
  • Virus Spores: Only available as Raid Drops during Raid Tournaments.

Virus Vaccines will be key to obtaining your very own S-Class Amber. They will only be available as Act Rewards in the event Weekly Roadmaps (more details to follow), so make sure to complete all Acts of the Roadmap each week to collect your Virus Vaccines. A total of 120 Virus Vaccines will be available as rewards, however, you will only need a total of 100 Virus Vaccines to claim S-Class Amber during the event.

Syringes will also be key in claiming S-Class Amber. Available as milestone rewards for all tournaments during the event, you will need a total of 2,100 Syringes, along with the Virus Vaccines, to claim all the cards needed for a full S-Class Amber. 

You will also be able to trade your Syringes in the Gray Market for other S-Class Cards and useful items.

Last but not least, Virus Spores will be awarded as Raid Drop Rewards, ONLY DURING RAID TOURNAMENTS. Once a Raid Tournament starts, you will have a guaranteed drop of Virus Spores in varying amounts, which can be traded for either Biohazard Tokens, for the Stash, or 2,000 Elite Item Tokens.

The Stash itself will include a slew of useful leveling items, such as Trainers, Gear, Medals, and Armoury Tokens.

Long story short, complete the weekly Roadmaps and participate in Tournaments to earn Vaccines and Syringes to earn S-Class Amber Cards. Earn Virus Spores during Raid Tournaments to progress in the Stash.

Event Roadmap Details

Each week, a new Roadmap will become available consisting of 4 Acts (which must be completed in order) and 5 Stages each. As you progress through each Act, the difficulty will increase and you will also be more limited in your fighter selection as each Act will require fighters with specific traits.

Infection roadmap: 1/5/21 – 1/12/21

DifficultyWavesWorld Energy CostRewardsReward AmountRequirements
S6Act 1Virus Vaccine10None
WalkerStage 119Tear Gas Vial2
WalkerStage 219High Replenish2
WalkerStage 3210Grenade2
WalkerStage 4210Smelling Salts2
WalkerStage 5312Guts2
S7Act 2Virus Vaccine10Strong/Tough/Alert
WalkerStage 1110Bloody Shirt2
WalkerStage 2110Nitric Oxide2
WalkerStage 3211Sharpshooter2
WalkerStage 4211Elite Item Token2000
WalkerStage 5313Gear Markers1000
S8Act 3Virus Vaccine10Strong/Alert/Fast
WalkerStage 1111Basic Token1
WalkerStage 22114-Star Weapon Token750
WalkerStage 32124-Star Recruit Token2500
WalkerStage 43125-Star Recruit Token4000
WalkerStage 5314World Energy Refill1
S9Act 4Virus Vaccine10Strong/Fast
WalkerStage 1112Burt1
WalkerStage 2212Elite Character Token1
WalkerStage 3213Elite Weapon Token1
WalkerStage 4313Armory Token500
WalkerStage 5315Brady1

Survival Roadmap: 1/12/21 – 1/19/21

DifficultyWavesWorld Energy CostRewardsReward AmountRequirements
S6Act 1Virus Vaccine10None
FighterStage 119Grenade2
FighterStage 219Guts2
FighterStage 3210Smelling Salts2
FighterStage 4210High Replenish2
FighterStage 5312Tear Gas Vial2
S7Act 2Virus Vaccine10Strong/Tough/Alert
FighterStage 1110Nitric Oxide2
FighterStage 2110Bloody Shirt2
FighterStage 3211Sharpshooter2
FighterStage 4211Gear Markers1000
FighterStage 5313Elite Item Token2000
S8Act 3Virus Vaccine10Strong/Alert/Fast
FighterStage 1111World Energy Refill1
FighterStage 2211Basic Token1
FighterStage 32124-Star Recruit Token2500
FighterStage 43124-Star Weapon Token750
FighterStage 53145-Star Recruit Token4000
S9Act 4Virus Vaccine10Strong/Fast
FighterStage 1112Armory Token500
FighterStage 2212Elite Weapon Token1
FighterStage 3213Elite Character Token1
FighterStage 4313Burt1
FighterStage 5315Brady1

The Cure Roadmap: 1/19/21 – 1/26/21

DifficultyWavesWorld Energy CostRewardsReward AmountRequirements
S6Act 1Virus Vaccine10None
WalkerStage 119Smelling Salts2
WalkerStage 219Guts2
WalkerStage 3210High Replenish2
WalkerStage 4210Tear Gas Vial2
WalkerStage 5312Grenade2
S7Act 2Virus Vaccine10Strong/Tough/Alert
WalkerStage 1110Gear Markers1000
WalkerStage 2110Sharpshooter2
WalkerStage 3211Bloody Shirt2
WalkerStage 4211Elite Item Token2000
WalkerStage 5313Nitric Oxide2
S8Act 3Virus Vaccine10Strong/Alert/Fast
FighterStage 11114-Star Weapon Token750
FighterStage 2211Basic Token1
FighterStage 3212World Energy Refill1
FighterStage 43125-Star Recruit Token4000
FighterStage 53144-Star Recruit Token2500
S9Act 4Virus Vaccine10Strong/Fast
FighterStage 1112Elite Weapon Token1
FighterStage 2212Burt1
FighterStage 3213Armory Token500
FighterStage 4313Elite Character Token1
FighterStage 5315Brady1

Reward Details

Once you have a nice bundle of collectibles it’s time to claim your rewards!

S-Class Amber Cards will be available in the museum for Virus Vaccines and Syringes.

Syringes and Virus Spores can be traded in the Gray Market for rewards.

S-Class Amber

Character Breakdown

Trait: AlertHealth3,866
Role: DamageDefense2,824
S- ClassAttack5,965
Rush: Unholy Shot
Cost: 76 AP
Effect: Deal 800% Damage to one enemy and all adjacent. Those enemies get 100% Heal Reduction for 2 turns.
Active Skill: Get Prepped
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
Effect: This character gets +50% attack and Focus for 3 turns. This character gets Guardian Shield and +100% AP.
Specialist Skill: Follow-up
Once per turn, when this specialist kills an enemy with an attack or adrenaline rush, they will receive a bonus action.

Special Weapon

Museum Collections

1,000 S-Class Amber Cards

  • Cost: 210 Syringes, 10 Virus Vaccines
  • Stock: 10

Gray Market Rewards

50 Virus Spores1 Biohazard Token200
50 Virus Spores2,000 Elite Item Token50
30 Syringes5 Benedicts10
40 Syringes500 Shaq Cards5
40 Syringes500 Nick Cards5
60 Syringes500 Lee Cards5
60 Syringes500 Kali Cards5
10 SyringesEnergy Refill Choicebox10

Biohazard Stash

You’ll be able to complete the Stash a total of 5 times.

Armory Token2500
Armory Token2500
Armory Token2500
Armory Token2500
Armory Token2500
Ascendance Medals125000
Ascendance Medals75000
Ascendance Medals50000
Engine Grease1
Engine Grease1
Epic Gear Choicebox 13
Epic Gear Choicebox 12
Epic Gear Choicebox 11
Epic Gear Choicebox 25
Epic Gear Choicebox 23
Epic Gear Choicebox 22
Legendary Gear Choicebox 13
Legendary Gear Choicebox 12
Legendary Gear Choicebox 25
Legendary Gear Choicebox 23
Legendary Gear Choicebox 22
Legendary Medals200
Legendary Medals100

Epic Gear Choicebox 1 content: (choice of)

  • Hand Crank Radio
  • Military watch

Epic Gear Choicebox 2 content: (choice of)

  • Weapon Tripod
  • Sports Gauntlet
  • Practice Dummy
  • Knife Sheath

Legendary Gear Choicebox 1 content: (choice of)

  • Canteen
  • GPS

Legendary Gear Choicebox 2 content: (choice of)

  • Whetstone
  • Double Holster
  • Hockey Mask
  • Magazine Bandolier