After the success of the Battle Pass, we’re happy to introduce you to a new set of premium unlockable rewards: the Trainer Pass.

The aim of the Trainer Pass is to allow players the possibility to receive extra rewards based on their Solo Level Up Tournament efforts that month.

For the duration of the Trainer Pass, which will be of 30 days and covering a total of 8 Solo Tournaments, the renown points earned in Solo Level Up Tournaments will be tracked in the Trainer Pass Mission Event. 

Trainer Pass duration:

Start: Sunday 1/10/21 4:00 PM PT

Note: The start time was delayed from 1/7/21 @ 4:00PM PT due to an issue. Due to this, the Mission Event will be visible in-game, however the offer to purchase the Trainer Pass will not be available until the start time listed above.

End: Sunday 2/7/21 9:00 AM PT

Similar to the Battle Pass, each milestone will require you to complete 2 Side Missions: 

  • Reach a set amount of Renown points, which will grant 1,000 Gear Markers for free
  • Acquire the Trainer Pass Key at the shop, which grants 1 Burt per milestone.

Completing both Side-Missions will complete the milestone, awarding you with extra Trainers.

There will be a total of 8 Solo Tournaments held during the event.

You can acquire the Trainer Pass key for $5.00 at the shop (prices may vary depending to your app store region), and doing so will also automatically complete all Side Missions requiring a key, automatically granting you 30 Burts upon purchase.

Apart from the 30 Burts acquired upon claiming the Trainer Pass key, fully completing the trainer pass will award you with:

  • 121 Burts (+30 from key unlock, making 151 total)
  • 67 Bradys
  • 14 Basils
  • 10 Benedicts
  • 1 Bernadette

Note: The Trainer Pass key can be purchased at any time during the event and will correctly unlock all earned rewards, even those completed prior to the purchase. Any trainers received beyond the inventory cap will be sent to your inbox.

Feel like you’ve had a pretty good run this month in the Solo Level Up tournaments? Then get your hands on a key and add an extra boost to your trainer numbers at an incredible value!

Note: Renown points must be earned in Solo Level Up Tournaments only to be tracked in the Trainer Pass. Renown points earned in Faction Level Up Tournaments will not count towards the Trainer Pass.