A new Leagues Season launches this Monday, and we’re happy to share all the rewards you can aim for while proving your worth against other survivors.

The main format will not be seeing many changes this time around, and we have new rewards in store for you, including an exclusive S-Class Mackenzie, 5-Star Weapons, and a new Paragon Mod!

Season structure:

The format and structure will be similar to that of season 14:

  • During qualifiers at the start of the season:
    • All players in Diamond League as of the Season 14 Home Stretch will start at Diamond 1.
    • Gold and Platinum League players will have qualifiers during the first week of the season.
    • All others remain in the same League as they were at the end of Season 14.
  • Season duration will be eight weeks:
    • Qualifiers start time: 2/8 at 12 PM PT.
    • Stretch 1 start time: 2/15 11 AM PT
    • Stretch 2 – Home Stretch start time: 2/22 11 AM PDT
    • Homestretch ends 4/5 at 8 AM PT.
  • League Campaign “Reach Diamond League” will be available to all Diamond League players and can be completed by claiming a Tournament Seal from the League Store’s Diamond segment.
  • Reaching Diamond 5 will grant you an Impair Resist Paragon Mod.

New Season Rewards

S-Class Mackenzie

Character Breakdown

Trait: ToughHealth3,962
Role: SupportDefense3,292
S- ClassAttack5,270
Rush: Not Dead Yet
Cost: 76 AP
Effect: Deal 1500% Damage to a line of enemies. Revive up to 2 Teammates with 50% Max HP. All Teammates get 50% Max HP for 2 turns.
Active Skill: Disarm and Regroup
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
CD: 4
Effect: Up to 5 Teammates get 50% Bonus HP. A line of enemies gets Disarm and Normalize for 2 turns. This Character gets 50% Max AP.
Specialist Skill: Outlast
When this Specialist is defeated, their death is delayed for 1 turn which they may still take an action, and they receive 100% AP.

Season Store Rewards

Along with S-Class MacKenzie, you will be able to obtain S-Class cards for the following fighters and 5-star weapons in the Season Store during season 15:

  • S-Class Kali
  • S-Class The Scotsman
  • Angel’s Sawed-off shotgun
  • Amber’s Six-shooter

Climbing to the top and reaching Diamond 5 will also net you the Paragon Mod of the Season:

  • An Impair Resist Paragon Mod, which offers a 90% Impair Resist.

Note: Paragon mods are granted at max level and do not require further leveling.