Davie has decided to act as Cupid this coming Valentine’s, only he uses a crossbow instead of a bow and shoots real arrows (albeit heart-shaped). Lovers beware…

However, in this post-apocalyptic reality that we live in, an actual crossbow can be quite useful, and if you can gather enough materials, Davie would be quite happy to make you one too.

Gather your faction mates and collect Heart Arrows and Cupid Bows to get your very own Davie’s Cupid Crossbow!

And since love is in the air, we’re shipping our fighters in special Couples Inspired 5-star Ascendable Choice boxes.

Event Dates

  • Start Date: 2/10/21 2:00 pm PT
  • End Date: 2/24/21 2:00 pm PT

Event Overview:

Love isn’t something you can play solo. The Main Mission event will consist of collecting Heart Arrows as a Faction to progress through each Milestone. 

You’ll be able to collect 10 Heart Arrows each day by completing the Daily Heart Arrow Roadmap, which will also reward you with 1,500 Armory Tokens for each completion.

As you progress through the Main Mission Event milestones, you and your faction mates will be rewarded with Road to Mythic Tokens and Armory Items.

And we all know that relationships aren’t just all about working to make it work, so you need to find some time to spend some quality time together.

To earn Cupid Bows, you’ll need to complete another 2 Mission Events, where you will need to make use of Faction Supporters and Fight in Friendly Duels. No better way of getting to know your Faction mates (and their defenses) a little bit better.

Survivor Club Members will be able to claim 10 Cupid Bows and 25 Road to Mythic Tokens for FREE in the Shop during the event.

Daily Heart Arrow Roadmap

The Roadmap will reset once a day, allowing you to claim the Act and Stage rewards once per completion. 

Consisting of 1 Act and 5 Stages, you’ll be awarded 10 Heart Arrows and 1,500 Armory Tokens for a full completion cost of 100 World Energy.

Enemy TypeWave(s)DifficultyEnergy CostStage Reward 
Act 1
Stage 1Humans2S1020300 Armory Tokens
Stage 2Humans2S1020300 Armory Tokens
Stage 3Humans2S1120300 Armory Tokens
Stage 4Humans2S1120300 Armory Tokens
Stage 5Humans2S1220300 Armory Tokens
Act Reward10 Heart Arrows

Bloody Valentines Mission Events

By collecting Heart Arrows as a Faction, using Faction Supporters, and Fighting in Friendly Duels, you’ll be able to gather everything you need to claim your rewards in the Museum.

Master Mission 1Reward 1Reward 2
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 100010 Road to Mythic Tokens
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 120010 Road to Mythic Tokens1 Blowtorch
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 140010 Road to Mythic Tokens1 Blowtorch
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 160015 Road to Mythic Tokens2 Blowtorch
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 200015 Road to Mythic Tokens2 Engine Grease
Collect Heart Arrows as a Faction 220015 Road to Mythic Tokens20k Armory Tokens
Completion20 Road to Mythic Tokens1 Varnish
Mission 2Reward 1Reward 2
Use Faction Supporters 150 times10 Cupid Bows
Mission 3Reward 1Reward 2
Fight 25 Friendly Duels10 Cupid Bows

Museum Collection Rewards

Once you and your Faction mates have gotten your hands on enough Heart Arrows and Cupid Bows, it’s time to head over to the Museum to claim your rewards!

You’ll finally be able to collect your powerful yet romantically-questionable Davie’s Cupid Crossbow or one of our S-Class 5-Star Ascendable Couples Choice boxes, which come inspired by some of our most famous in-game couples.

Davie’s Cupid Crossbow:

  • Cost: 120 Heart Arrows and 10 Cupid Bows
  • Stock :1

Rick and Andrea Couples Choicebox:

  • Cost: 10 Cupid Bows
  • Stock :1

Morgan and Michonne Couples Choicebox:

  • Cost: 10 Cupid Bows
  • Stock :1

Abraham and Rosita Couples Choicebox:

  • Cost: 10 Cupid Bows
  • Stock :1

Aaron and Jesus Couples Choicebox:

  • Cost: 10 Cupid Bows
  • Stock :1