The Road to Mythic is a long one, and you’ll need plenty of fuel to make it to the finish line.

To further reward your efforts and fuel further ones, a new mission event will reward you with free World Energy Refills and Bronze Salvage Tokens just by participating in our Road to Mythic Roadmaps.

After all, it’s a marathon and not a race, so we’d like to help you all with a little daily “push” for those hitting the daily grind. 

And since the start is always the hardest, we’re also giving all our survivors 3 FREE World Energy Refills as a gift to get you rolling. 

Hope this helps!

Event Dates:

Start Date: 2/12/21 12:00 PM PT

End Date: 3/22/21 12:00 PM PT

Event Overview:

Each day, a new Daily Mission Event will become available. By winning Road to Mythic Roadmap battles, you’ll progress through the daily milestones.

Daily MissionReward 1Reward 2
Win 3 Roadmap Battles3 Bronze Salvage Tokens
Win 6 Roadmap Battles1 World Energy Refill3 Bronze Salvage Tokens

And don’t forget to collect your 3 FREE World Energy Refills to help kick it off the ground!