With so many questions in the air surrounding our upcoming Conquest update, we’ve recruited some key Community members to help us share more info!

As you’ve already seen, Lockdown is hard at work with the Mythic Character Spotlights, and today Invisinerd takes you deeper down the rabbit hole, showing how exactly you get around to leveling up Mythic Fighters.

In the following video, Invisinerd shows you the ins and outs of how the leveling and ascension systems work for Mythic Fighters and your first look at the brand new Lieutenant system!


Still, have more questions? Well Parker, a member of the TWD: RTS Player Council, has you covered! He has been keeping tabs on all official answers provided by the TWD:RTS Team on Discord, and here’s a selection he has kindly shared with us that will help you get even more insight into what is headed your way soon!

Mythic Fighters: Extra FAQs

Mythic Fighters:

  • They will be useable in all game modes (except for Old-School limitations as usual) including all Player vs Player modes.
  • Mythic characters are being designed so that they continue feeling relevant even 6 months after release.
  • Each Mythic Fighter’s skill set is designed with a specific purpose in mind.
  • An official release cadence has not been confirmed yet.

Mythic Skills:

  • Signature Moves will replace Active Skills. 
  • Signature Moves can attack, generate AP, and can even provide percentage-based boosts to damage, amongst other effects.
  • Mythic Passive abilities will only affect the fighter itself.
  • You can preview all skills in the Fighter Dossier before choosing to level them up.
  • Mythic Leader Skills affect all fighters, including S-Class and below.
  • S – Class Leader Skills will not affect Mythic Fighters on your own team. S – Class Leader Skills that affect the enemy team (status effects) will still function as intended


  • Don’t expect weapons with exaggerated effects during early release, similar to what was available during the S-Class era.
  • Weapons will mostly offer useful stat boosts and craftable 3rd slot skills.
  • Many Mythic Fighters will come with bound weapons.


  • Normal Mod Slots are kept for Mythic Fighters.
  • A Mod Removal event will be held during the first week after the launch of Conquest.
  • Mods will now be using percentage-based Stat Boosts and Damage over time. This will allow for better power scaling over time.
  • Mod set Bonuses will also be set to a percentage-based system.

Mythic Fighter Availability:

  • Mythic Fighters will be awarded directly in Events, Depots, Wheels, the Gray Market, the Shop and Offers.
  • There will be no pre-collection requirements, such as Cards, or 2 Maxed out 6-star characters.
  • You will regularly be able to choose amongst multiple fighters upon collection.
  • The intention is to release less new Mythic Characters each month, allowing for more time and chances to progress your current fighters.
  • Mythic Fighters are expected to require less of an investment from our players to fully upgrade.
  • Mythic Fighter promotions are still being determined, but will likely be inspired by the recent Holiday Recruits and will overall make it easier to pull 2 of the same Gold Mythic Fighter.
  • There will unlikely be any Gold Mythic offers during launch, as our intent is for players to earn them through gameplay initially.


  • Mythic Fighters require less gear than S-Class fighters per level.
  • The same gear rarity will be used to tier up, and in lower quantities.
  • Mythic Fighters also require fewer trainers per level compared to S-Class fighters.


  • Ascending a Mythic Character will increase its Grade and has no medal costs.
  • Ascending and Leveling increase independently. You will not need to level Mythic fighters to a certain level before you’re able to use them in ascensions.
  • Increasing a Mythic Fighter’s Grade will increase their level cap, add skill bonuses to Adrenaline Rushes, Signature Moves, and Passives.
  • Silver Mythics do not ascend to Gold Mythics.
  • Silver Mythics are used to ascend Gold Mythics.
  • To ascend a Silver Mythic, you need a copy of the Silver Mythic fighter at the same grade and another Silver Mythic fighter of the same trait.
  • To ascend a Gold Mythic, you need 2 Silver Mythics of the same grade and of the same trait.
  • To ascend a Gold Mythic to grade 5 you need a copy of the same Gold Mythic.
  • Gold Mythics can reach Grade 5 while Silver Mythics can only reach Grade 4.
  • S-Class characters are not ascendable and are not consumed in Mythic collections.
  • Any 6-Star fighter can be ascended into a random Silver Mythic of the same trait. Any veteran rings used will be returned, excluding 6-Star ascendables.
  • Ascending a 6-star fighter will require the 6-star to be max level and tier, and will cost 2 6-Star fighters of the same trait, 300 Legendary Medals, and 250,000 Ascension Medals. All consumed.
  • Any 5-Star Fighter can ascend to a random 6-star fighter of the same trait. 
  • 5-Star Ascendables continue to award the appropriate 6-star.


  • Lieutenants give extra levels only to Mythic fighters through role levels.
  • Role Levels apply to all Mythic Fighters within the role category
  • There will be a Veteran Ring cost for Lieutenants every few levels. There is no Veteran Levels system for Mythics Fighters.
  • 5 Roles in total – Damage, Medic, Supporter, Tank, and the new Control role.
  • You can reset and reallocate Role Levels