Hello Survivors,

Today, 2/24, we encountered an issue where all players lost access to the game for a short period of time. This issue was resolved within a couple hours, however as a result of the fix, the current Solo Level Up Tournament ended prematurely. This resulted in rewards being distributed prematurely, changing potential milestone and rank outcomes in the event. We also realize that this also may have a smaller effect on other portions of the game, such as the current Survival Road Tournament. To make up for this negative experience, we will be providing all players with the following items:

  • 15x RTM Tokens
  • 25x Basil Trainers
  • 25x Brady Trainers
  • 300x Legendary Medals
  • 100,000x Ascendance Medals
  • 5x Survival Road Energy Refills
  • 5x World Energy Refills

You can expect to receive this via inbox within 24 hours. The next level up tournament is still scheduled to begin tomorrow at 4:00PM PST.

Thank you for your patience!