Conquest: Public Beta

We’ve been showing you information on the Conquest Update over the past few weeks, and before we release it, we need a few brave survivors to help us test the waters.

A Public Beta for Android users will be available soon, and it will be the first chance for some of our players to get their hands on the Conquest Update before it is fully released to all players.

Don’t worry, if you’ve played one of our past Public Betas your progress on the Beta Server will not be affected and you’ll still be able to continue where you left off. 

We will also be providing several bonuses (such as faster build times and fighter leveling) and events for everyone participating in the Beta Servers to help get you up and running in no time. Look out for a Public Beta event schedule and patch notes upon release.

So, if you want to participate and haven’t signed up, CLICK HERE NOW before reading on.

All done? Perfect! Now you’ll be able to access the Public Beta once it’s live and help us make sure that everything is running smoothly while getting a preview of things to come.

Remember, it’s a Public Beta Build and you’ll be interacting with content still in development, so you may encounter bugs that may impact your experience in both beta regions and live regions as well.

Now that you’re ready to take the plunge, it’s time to have your first taste of Conquest!

What is Conquest?

Conquest is our largest content update to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival to date!

It brings along a ton of new features into our game, adding a whole new layer of content and gameplay for you to enjoy such as:

  • New Challenges: Progress through the all new challenges of our Conquest Campaign!
  • New Progression: Mythic Fighters and our new Lieutenant feature will let you reach new levels of power!
  • Continue the Story Campaign: Finally, continue your adventure!
  • Game Upgrades: Combat, loot, training grounds, wheels, depots… these core systems and more have been upgraded for Conquest!

We’ve offered a lot more details in our Conquest reveal blogs, so check them out now if you want to see the bigger picture.

What can I experience in Public Beta?

You’ll be able to experience most of our core updates during the Public Beta and we’ll be sharing the final Patch Notes and Public Beta Event Calendar once our Public Beta goes live, but here are a few of the features you can expect to try out for yourself:

  • World Map Extension and Conquest Campaigns:
    • Choose between the Story and Conquest game modes.
    • Continue the TWD:RTS story!
    • Start your Conquest Campaign and earn your first Tribute.
  • Mythic Fighters and Combat upgrades:
    • Get your first taste of Mythic Fighters!
    • New Team Grade system.
    • New Combat updates, such as revive changes and percentage-based mod and weapon effects.
    • Note: During Public Beta, both systems to calculate mod and weapon effects (percentage based vs value based) will be live, and can cause some minor discrepancies when engaging directly in Player vs Player modes between Beta and Live players, but won’t impact the final result of encounters. Rest assured that the team is aware of this and these discrepancies will be resolved when the update is released to all players.
  • Lieutenant system:
    • Discover the 5 Roles and along with the new “Control” role.
    • Level up your Role Levels to power up your whole Roster!
    • Gain Tribute and use it in the Lieutenant system found in your Town Hall after clearing Conquest stage 8!
  • Town and Building updates:
    • The Museum has had a serious overhaul to help you find the collections you need faster than ever.
    • The Ascension tower has also been redesigned and will cover all your Mythic Ascension needs.
    • The new Ascension Tower Layout can also be previewed on the Live Regions once the update hits.
    • Training Grounds have all new training courses to adapt to your new needs.
    • More upgrades for your Town, including 10 new levels for your Houses and Training Grounds.
    • Note: S-Class Card collections won’t all be available during Public Beta, however, they will be available in live once the Update arrives.
  • Wheel and Shop updates:
    • Find out what our new wheels will have to offer.
    • Updated pools for all fighter wheels.
    • Updated Supply, Faction Assault, and Survival Road Depots.

You’ll also be able to participate in several live tournaments and events, including a Blitz War, to help you fully run it through its paces.

This is just a taste of everything new you’ll be able to help us fine-tune in our upcoming Public Beta, and we are looking forward to reading all your feedback on our Discord channel.

So, as a final reminder, if you want to be one of the first to help us test the Conquest Update, sign up for our Public Beta to participate and join our Discord to share your feedback with us.

You can expect our public beta to begin sometime tomorrow, 3/2/2021.