Hello Survivors,

With the War Depot expiring tomorrow and the launch of the Conquest Update on the horizon, we wanted to give everyone an update on the War Depot! As you know, the Conquest Update is packed with a huge amount of exciting changes into the game. The way characters, gear, trainers and more are acquired are changing and that means that some of the current methods of acquisition will be changing and/or leaving.

After the current War Depot expires tomorrow, a new, nearly identical, instance of the current War Depot will be available, with some items having an increase in purchase limits. You can expect this next War Depot to expire on 3/26/2021 at 4pm PST. After this date, the War Depot tokens will be retired from use, so make sure you use all your War Depot tokens before they’re gone for good! Also note that, with the War Depot tokens taking their leave, whole rotting heads will also be departing the game permanently. If you wish to redeem these, make sure you do so now.

We also want to remind you that the War Stash is ending tomorrow. Make sure if you’re interested in pulling on the War Stash, make sure you do so before it’s over.

However, in keeping with our commitment to honor past progress throughout the S-class Era, we will reward players based on their total achievements in S-class Wars with a special new limited-time Gray Market in the near future! Stay tuned for more!