Hello Survivors,

Conquest is just around the corner and we know that everyone is excited to get their hands on it! Our development team has been working hard behind the scenes to get the update out with as few disruptions to the game as possible but we know the last few weeks haven’t been exactly smooth sailing.

As we have implemented backend changes to our servers, some unforeseen issues have arisen such as issues with the Sweet Choices Missions Events and Arenas matchmaking. Additionally, we’ve moved another step closer to the Conquest Update’s release with the start of the Conquest Public Beta. This introduced a few more unforeseen issues, such as some Public Beta players temporarily being unable to access their accounts. So far we’ve been able to resolve most issues quickly, but we know that this isn’t an ideal experience.

Finally, we also know that we’re not quite out of the woods yet. As the public beta continues, and through the initial release of the Conquest Update, it’s likely that we may encounter additional unforeseen issues.

Due to this, we want to send everyone a gift to thank you for your patience while we work to ensure that Conquest becomes the experience that we want to deliver and that you want to play. You can expect to receive the following via a free offer within the next 24 hours:

  • 3x S-Class Cards Choicebox
  • 25x Benedict Trainers
  • 25x Basil Trainers
  • 25x Brady Trainers
  • 25x Burt Trainers
  • 5x War Energy Refills
  • 5x Arena Tickets

S-Class Cards Choice box:

  • 500x Marge Cards
  • 500x Maggie Cards
  • 500x Magna Cards
  • 500x The Wanderer Cards
  • 25x RTM Token

We can’t wait for everyone to play the Conquest Update! In the meantime, please enjoy the gift and stay tuned to our official blog for additional information and announcements.