For a limited time, our S-Class Fighter of the week, S-Class Kyle, will be offered directly via a premium Mission Event, with no cards or ascendance needed. Just a straight-up S-Class to hit the ground running.

Event Duration:   

Start Date: 3/4 4pm PT 

End Date: 3/11 4pm PT

Event Overview:

During the event, you’ll be able to collect Zoo Tickets, included in offers in our shop. Collecting Zoo Tickets will allow you to progress through the milestones, earning useful leveling items, such as trainers and gear. The final milestone will reward you with a full S-Class Kyle!

Reward – Item
Collect 1 Zoo Ticket250,000 Ascendance Medals, 300 Legendary Medals
Collect 2 Zoo Tickets2 Army Walkie Talkies, 2 School Bags, 5 Nightvision Goggles, 5 Police Shields, 5 Belts with Holsters, 5 Scopes, 5 Briefcases, 5 Long Coats
Collect 3 Zoo Tickets30 Burts
Collect 4 Zoo Tickets2x 5-Star Fighter Mystery Bag
Collect 5 Zoo Tickets30 RTM Tokens
Collect 6 Zoo Tickets3 Machinist’s FIle, 3 Cutting Fluid, 3 Polishing Kit, 3 Duct Tape
Collect 7 Zoo Tickets50 Bradys
Collect 8 Zoo Tickets30,000 Armory Tokens
Collect 9 Zoo Tickets25 Basils
Collect 10 Zoo Tickets2x 6-star Fighter Mystery Bag
Collect 11 Zoo Tickets50 Burts
Collect 12 Zoo Tickets2 Hand Crank, 2 Military Watch, 6 Weapon Tripod, 6 Sports Gauntlet, 6 Practice Dummy, 6 Knife Sheath
Collect 13 Zoo Tickets60 RTM Tokens
Collect 14 Zoo Tickets50 Bradys
Collect 15 Zoo Tickets2 Varnish, 2 Engine Grease, 2 Blow Torch
Collect 16 Zoo Tickets2 Canteens, 2 GPS, 4 Whetstones, 4 Hockey Masks, 4 Double Holster, 4 Magazine Bandolier
Collect 17 Zoo Tickets30 Basils
Collect 18 Zoo Tickets50,000 Armory Token
Collect 19 Zoo Tickets50 Benedicts
Collect 20 Zoo TicketsS-Class Kyle