Brian Blake, a.k.a Phillip Blake, alias “The Governor” is a true psychopath.

First encountered by Rick and his group in Woodbury, acting as their Governor, he quickly became their first and real Nemesis. An insecure man, he has adopted the persona of his dead brother Phillip and despises anyone who shows signs of weakness, deeming them not worthy of survival. He keeps his turned niece chained to his apartment wall, as his brother’s memory and oftentimes sick love for her make it impossible for him to finally put her down.

Gameplay Overview

  • Governor is a tanky powerhouse that will punish enemies for standing in his way!
  • Stack Health on Gov and use your signature move to hit players hard. Then your rush will take down any team that thinks about getting Gov low on life. Even if they take you out, Outlast ensures damage is dealt!
  • With your mythic passives you can resist crosshairs and recover penalties during your outlast state to ensure no one gets away!


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