We’re celebrating the launch of our biggest update ever, Conquest, with a series of mission events that will reward you with powerful new Mythic Fighters and more!

By participating in these launch events you may be able to recruit Mythic Andrea, Mythic Glenn, Mythic Yumiko, or Mythic Dexter! All Gold Mythics and all powerful additions to your starting team! 

On your way to unlocking these powerful Gold Mythics, you will also have the chance to earn Silver Mythics, Trainers, Gear, and everything you might need to level up your first Mythic fighters!

Event Dates:

Missions + Roadmaps: March 15th, 1:00pm – April 5th, 1:00pm

Grey Market Exchanges: March 15th, 1:00pm – April 6th, 1:00pm

Event Overview:

Play in various areas of the game to earn the 3 Collectibles used in these events. Head on Spikes and Cracked Skulls will be used to exchange for valuable Conquest Grey Market rewards! Voodoo Dolls will be used to open a special roadmap that awards Military Supplies and even more Head on Spikes!

Cracked Skulls will be easily obtainable throughout the event, and can be traded for Silver Mythics, Special Mythic Trainers, and more! You’ll be able to find them in:

  • Conquest Launch Main Mission Event
  • Mythic Journey Events and Roadmap
  • Daily Launch Event Roadmap
  • Mythic Character Roadmap
  • Various Shop Events

Head on Spikes will be harder to get but can be traded in for Gold Mythic Fighters, and extra Head on Spikes can be traded in for Cracked Skulls. You’ll be able to find them in:

  • Solo Tournament Rank Rewards
  • Daily Launch Event Roadmap
  • Mythic Character Roadmap
  • Voodoo Dolls Roadmap
  • Various Shop Events

Voodoo Dolls will be used to open a special roadmap that refreshes every 3 hours. This roadmap will award Military Supplies and even more Head on Spikes! You’ll find them in:

  • Solo Tournament Rank Rewards
  • Mythic Character Roadmap
  • Various Shop Events

Daily Launch Event Roadmap Rewards

Our launch event will feature a Daily roadmap. The roadmap will reset each day, offering you a chance to collect a total of 3,000 Cracked Skull Tokens and 2 Heads on Spikes a day, amongst other rewards.

Play in the Launch Event (Cracked Skulls in game) Roadmap every day to keep on earning Heads on Spikes, Cracked Skulls, and Conquest Rewards!

EnergyReward 1Reward QtyReward 2Reward Qty
Act 1Head on Spike2
Stage 18Cracked Skull Token500Elite Fighter token1
Stage 28Cracked Skull Token500Select Recruit token1,500
Stage 38Cracked Skull Token500Mythic Tokens500
Stage 48Cracked Skull Token500Burt2
Stage 58Cracked Skull Token500Brady2
Stage 68Cracked Skull Token500Basil1

Head on Spike Roadmap

A more challenging roadmap is also available and will require unlocking with a Voodoo Doll.

Voodoo Dolls can be obtained via Tournament Ranked Rewards and the Mythic Journey Roadmaps. They will also be available in select offers during the event.

The Voodoo Doll Roadmap will reset every 3 hours and will require a team of Grade 1 or Higher Mythic Fighters to participate.

EnergyReward 1Reward Qty
Act 1Head on Spike2
Stage 112Military Supplies400
Stage 212Military Supplies1,000
Stage 312Military Supplies1,600
Stage 412Military Supplies2,000
Stage 512Cracked Skull Token1,000
Stage 612Cracked Skull Token1,000

Gray Market Rewards

Once you’ve collected enough Cracked Skull Tokens and Heads on Spikes, head over to the Gray Market for your rewards!

Head on Spike rewards

RewardHead on Spike CostStock
Mythic Andrea1001
Mythic Glenn901
Mythic Yumiko751
Mythic Dexter751

Cracked Skull Token Rewards

RewardCracked Skull Token CostStock
Silver Mythic Choice Token12,0005
6hr Military Supplies Pack2,00020
25 Legendary Medals20030
25k Ascension Medals15030
1 Elite Character Tokens10030

Extra conversion

Got too many 4-Star Recruit Tokens and unsure what to do with them? Trade them in for the new Select Recruit tokens! 

1,000 Select Recruit Tokens3,000 4-Star Recruit Tokens1,000
100 Cracked Skull Tokens1 Head on Spike200

Conquest Launch Main Mission Event

The main mission event will reward you in your first steps in the update as you will be tasked with completing Conquest stages, using Training Supplies, and obtaining Mythic Fighters.

Completing milestones will net you a ton of Cracked Skull to be used in the Grey Market, and other useful rewards!

Mythic Launch Event MissionsReward 1QuantityReward 2Quantity
Clear 10 Conquest stagesCracked Skull Tokens200Bronze Salvage Token5
Clear 20 Conquest stagesCracked Skull Tokens300Bronze Salvage Token5
Clear 30 Conquest stagesCracked Skull Tokens400Bronze Salvage Token5
Clear 40 Conquest stagesCracked Skull Tokens500Bronze Salvage Token5
Clear 50 Conquest stagesCracked Skull Tokens1000Silver Salvage Token5
Clear 80 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens1200Silver Salvage Token5
Clear 110 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens1500Silver Salvage Token5
Clear 130 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens2000Silver Salvage Token5
Clear 150 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens3000Gold Salvage Token5
Clear 200 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens5000Gold Salvage Token5
Clear 250 Conquest StagesCracked Skull Tokens5000Gold Salvage Token5
Use 1000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens200World Energy refill2
Use 2000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens300Military Supplies1000
Use 3000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens400Brady3
Use 4000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens500World Energy refill3
Use 5000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens1000Military Supplies2000
Use 10000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens1200Brady3
Use 15000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens1500World Energy refill4
Use 20000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens2000Military Supplies2000
Use 30000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens3000Brady3
Use 40000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens5000World Energy refill5
Use 50000 Training SuppliesCracked Skull Tokens5000Military Supplies2000
Obtain 5 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens200World Energy refill2
Obtain 10 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens300Military Supplies1000
Obtain 20 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens400Brady3
Obtain 30 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens500World Energy refill3
Obtain 40 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens1000Military Supplies2000
Obtain 50 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens1200Brady3
Obtain 60 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens1500World Energy refill4
Obtain 70 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens2000Military Supplies2000
Obtain 80 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens3000Brady3
Obtain 90 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens5000World Energy refill5
Obtain 100 Mythic FightersCracked Skull Tokens5000Military Supplies2000

Mythic Journey Mission Events:

Furthermore, to reward your first steps in powering up your Mythic Fighters, you will also be able to find 3 mission events to complement leveling your first Gold Mythics: Mythic Rick, Mythic Darius, and Mythic Hershel.

Each Mythic Fighter will have their own Mission Event which will track your efforts in leveling them up, along with Fighter Specific Roadmaps where you’ll put your Fighter to the test to claim more Conquest Launch Event collectibles. Each act of the Fighter Specific Roadmaps opens with each passing week of the event, and requires higher and higher Grades of Mythics to complete!

Mythic Journey Mission EventReward 1QuantityReward 2QuantityReward 3Quantity
Claim Mythic Fighter from the MuseumBenedict5Cracked Skull Tokens2000
Level up Mythic Fighter to level 100Hand Crank Radio2Cracked Skull Tokens2000
Level Up Fighter’s Grade 1 Mythic Ability 5 timesBrady25Lilith1Cracked Skull Tokens2000
Level up Mythic Fighter to level 200Military Supplies10000Ulysses1Cracked Skull Tokens2000
Ascend Mythic Fighter to Grade 2Sports Gauntlets8Police Shield8Burt30
Level Up Any Grade 2 Trait Specific Mythic Ability 5 timesBrady25Lilith1Army Walkie Talkie2
Level up Mythic Fighter to level 300Military Supplies12000Ulysses1
Ascend Mythic Fighter to Grade 3Hockey Mask8Sports Gauntlets8Canteen2
Level Up Fighter Grade 3 Mythic Ability 5 timesBrady20Lilith1GPS2
Level up Mythic Fighter to level 400Military Supplies15000Maddox1Madeline1

Fighter Exclusive Roadmap

Each Mythic Fighter for the event will have specific Acts you will be able to access if you’ve increased that fighter to the appropriate Grade.

Upon launch, the first of the 3 Acts will become open for each fighter, and only require him to be Grade 1. Each subsequent week, a new Act will unlock, requiring your Mythic fighter to have increased to the appropriate Grade (Grade 2 for Act 2 and Grade 3 for Act 3).

Completing each Act will award you 1,000 Mythic Recruit tokens.

Stage rewards will consist of Conquest Launch Event Collectibles including Cracked Skull Tokens, Heads on Spikes, and Voodoo Dolls.

Note: This will be the only other source for Voodoo Dolls outside of tournament Ranked Rewards and offers, so take advantage!

Act 1: Grade 1 Fighters Required

EnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Mythic Recruit Tokens1,000
Stage 15Cracked Skull Token1,000
Stage 25Cracked Skull Token1,000
Stage 35Cracked Skull Token1,000
Stage 45Head on Spike1
Stage 55Head on Spike1
Stage 65Voodoo Doll1

Act2: Grade 2 Fighters Required, unlocked week 2

EnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 2Mythic Recruit Tokens1,000
Stage 15Cracked Skull Token1,500
Stage 25Cracked Skull Token1,500
Stage 35Cracked Skull Token1,500
Stage 45Head on Spike1
Stage 55Head on Spike1
Stage 65Voodoo Doll1

Act 3: Grade 3 Fighters Required, unlocked week 3

EnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 3Mythic Recruit Tokens1,000
Stage 15Cracked Skull Token2,500
Stage 25Cracked Skull Token2,500
Stage 35Cracked Skull Token2,500
Stage 45Head on Spike1
Stage 55Head on Spike1
Stage 65Voodoo Doll1