We recently posted details about the upcoming Premier Mythics wheel that is planned to go live in-game later today. We are replacing that post with this one as the original was missing information about not only what the wheel will look like later today, but also included inaccuracies about our holistic character distribution strategy for Mythic Fighters.

The Ezekiel Premier Mythics wheel has noticeable improvements from our previous S-Class Recruits wheels that include the following:

Start: Thursday 3/18/21 4:00PM PT

End: Thursday 4/1/21 5:00PM PT

Ezekiel Premier Mythics Wheel Appearance Rates:

  • Featured Premier Recruit: .4%
  • Non-featured Gold Mythic Recruits: .6% (this is a total 1% chance for a Gold Fighter)
  • Silver Mythic Recruits: 6%
  • Legendary Recruits: 20%
  • Epic Recruits: 73%

Gold Mythic Ezekiel is guaranteed after your first 200 pulls as a Bonus Reward.

We’ve also added a variety of Legendary Fighters into the wheel to help ascend even more fighters into Silver Mythics and help players complete the brand new permanent collections. There are also a variety of high powered Gold Mythic Fighters in the wheel, including:

  • Gold Mythic Andrea
  • Gold Mythic Rosita
  • Gold Mythic Dexter
  • Gold Mythic Jesus
  • Gold Mythic Thomas Richards
  • Gold Mythic Hershel

Survivor Club members will continue to receive a daily free pull at this wheel, and will therefore have 14 free pulls total during this event.

It is early days in the Mythic era, but we wanted to reiterate our goals for how you will acquire new Fighters:

  • In the Mythic world, our intent is to have a slower pace of new character introductions than we had in the S-Class world. 
  • Mythic Fighters should be more durable and have more varied usage than S-Classes.
  • Our goal is to provide you with lots of ways to acquire new and existing characters in the near future, as we introduce and make available all the characters that have arrived with Mythic.

We know that Mythic introduces a lot of change and we will iterate and evolve the experience based on your feedback.