Hello Survivors,

This week an all-new limited time Premier Mythic wheel will become available, featuring Gold Mythic Mirabelle! As with past Premier Mythic wheels, this wheel will be available for two weeks. This wheel features improved appearance rates for Silver mythic fighters, two total Mythic Mirabelles available via bonus open rewards, and a reduced number of opens required to obtain your first bonus open reward! You can find all the specifics on this change below

Start Date: 4/1/21 @ 5:00PM PDT

End Date: 4/15/21 @ 5:00PM PDT

Available Gold Mythic Fighters

  • Mirabelle (New Featured Fighter!)
  • Yumiko
  • Glenn
  • Frost
  • Carl
  • Gregory
  • Jesus

Bonus Open Rewards

Receive guaranteed Gold Mythic Mirabelle after meeting the following requirements:

  • 170 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Mirabelle
  • 340 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Mirabelle

Appearance Rates

CategoryAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Recruit0.4%
Non-Featured Mythic Gold Recruits0.6%
Mythic Silver Recruits10%
6-Star Recruits20%
5-Star Recruits69%

We hope you enjoy the new Premier Mythic wheel!