Hello Survivors,

Today we encountered a couple of issues with the launch of The Kingdom Journey event which we want to address:

  • Duplicate missions: For a brief moment at the launch of the event, there were two copies of The Kingdom Journey Mission which tracks the collection of Wood Nuggets. As a result of this, a very small subset of players were able to acquire enough Kingdom Tokens to make an additional pull on the Kingdom Stash. 
    • Resolution: Due to this, we will be sending all players 5 additional Kingdom Tokens
  • Leader’s Duty Daily Mission: Due to the timing of the event announcement, some players had completed their Leader’s Duty daily mission before the bag had updated to include the Silver Nugget.
    • Resolution: As a result, we will be sending all players 1 Silver Nugget to ensure all players are able to complete their daily mission and not all behind. Additionally, the Leader’s Duty bag also includes an additional mystery bag drop that we will include in this gift as well with chances at the following items:
      • 1 Lilith
      • 1 Ulysses
      • 1 Arena Ticket
      • 1000 Select Recruit Tokens
      • 700 Elite Item Tokens
      • 1000 4-Star Weapon tokens

You can expect to receive these items via inbox within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy The Kingdom Journey!