Our latest event is all about Traits, both in the challenges and the rewards!

A new series of roadmaps will challenge you against fighters with Trait Advantage, and in return, you’ll be able to earn Trait Specific Mythic Silver Fighters!

Are you ready for the Trait Frenzy?

Event Dates:

Start: 4/19/21 12:00 PM PT

*Update* Roadmaps Start: 4/19/21 5:00 PM PT

End: 4/29/21 12:00 PM PT

Gray market ends: 4/30/21 12:00 PM PT

Event Overview:

Your first step will be to get your hands on some Sewing Kits. If you’re a member of our Survivors Club, you’ll get a nice head start, as you’ll be able to claim 4 FREE Sewing Kits in the shop straight from the get-go.

A Solo Mission Event will be available throughout the Trait Frenzy event, which will task you with defeating enemy fighters in any of our game modes. Progressing through the milestones will earn you both Sewing Kits and Trainers.

You’ll be able to collect a total of 20 Sewing Kits from the Solo Mission event purely through play, but more will be made available via the shop if you feel you might need more.

The Sewing Kits will allow you to unlock 1 of the 4 available Trait Frenzy Roadmaps. Each will be themed around a specific trait, and you will only be able to use fighters with trait disadvantage:

  • Alert Roadmap: You will face Alert Fighters and will only be able to use Strong Fighters. Awards Red Mittens.
  • Strong Roadmap: You will face Strong Fighters and will only be able to use Fast Fighters. Awards Green Mittens.
  • Fast Roadmap: You will face Fast Fighters and will only be able to use Tough Fighters. Awards Yellow Mittens.
  • Tough Roadmap: You will face Tough Fighters and will only be able to use Alert Fighters. Awards Blue Mittens.

Also, to make sure you have easy access to them, each Roadmap will reset every 3 hours allowing for more flexibility and will award you with the Trait-themed Mittens and Scarves.

Once you’re done, grab your Mittens and Scarves and head over to the Gray Market for some very special rewards!

By combining enough Trait-themed Mittens (Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue) you’ll be able to claim Trait-Specific Silver Mythic Fighters. 20 Mittens will get you a random Silver Mythic of a specific trait, but 30 Mittens will give you a Silver Mythic Choice of that specific trait! 

Scarves will be traded in for other useful rewards such as Skill Trainers, Military Tribute Packs, Armory Tokens, Energy Refills, and Gear Markers.

So in review: Defeat enemy fighters to earn Sewing Kits. Decide what Silver Mythic Fighter you’re after and use the Sewing kit to unlock the Roadmap of his trait. Turn in your Mittens and Scarves for guaranteed Silver Mythics and other useful rewards!

Don’t forget to claim your 4 Free Sewing Kits if you’re in the Survivors Club!

Solo Mission Event

This will be your main source for Sewing Kits. Defeat enemy fighters in any of our game modes to progress through our milestones.

Solo Mission EventRewardQuantity
Defeat 100 FightersBurt5
Defeat 200 FightersBurt5
Defeat 300 FightersBurt5
Defeat 400 FightersSewing Kit1
Defeat 500 FightersBurt5
Defeat 600 FightersBurt5
Defeat 700 FightersBurt5
Defeat 800 FightersSewing Kit1
Defeat 900 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1000 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1100 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1200 FightersSewing Kit2
Defeat 1300 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1400 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1500 FightersBrady5
Defeat 1600 FightersSewing Kit2
Defeat 1700 FightersBasil5
Defeat 1800 FightersBasil5
Defeat 1900 FightersBasil5
Defeat 2000 FightersSewing Kit2
Defeat 2200 FightersBenedict5
Defeat 2400 FightersBenedict5
Defeat 2600 FightersBenedict5
Defeat 2800 FightersSewing Kit2
Defeat 3000 FightersBernadette1
Defeat 3500 FightersSewing Kit3
Defeat 4000 FightersBernadette1
Defeat 5000 FightersSewing Kit3
Defeat 6000 FightersBernadette1
Defeat 8000 FightersSewing Kit4

Trait Frenzy Roadmaps

All of the Trait Frenzy Roadmaps will reset every 3 hours.
To unlock a Roadmap you will need to use 1 Sewing Kit.

Alert Roadmap

You will only be able to use Strong Mythic Fighters

Unlock: 1 Sewing KitWavesWorld Energy CostEnemiesRewards
Stage 125Alert Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 225Alert Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 325Alert Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 425Alert Fighters50 Scarves
Act 110 Red Mittens

Strong Roadmap

You will only be able to use Fast Mythic Fighters

Unlock: 1 Sewing KitWavesWorld Energy CostEnemiesRewards
Stage 125Strong Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 225Strong Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 325Strong Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 425Strong Fighters50 Scarves
Act 110 Green Mittens

Fast Roadmap

You will only be able to use Tough Mythic Fighters

Unlock: 1 Sewing KitWavesWorld Energy CostEnemiesRewards
Stage 125Fast Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 225Fast Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 325Fast Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 425Fast Fighters50 Scarves
Act 110 Yellow Mittens

Tough Roadmap

You will only be able to use Alert Mythic Fighters

Unlock: 1 Sewing KitWavesWorld Energy CostEnemiesRewards
Stage 125Tough Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 225Tough Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 325Tough Fighters50 Scarves
Stage 425Tough Fighters50 Scarves
Act 110 Blue Mittens

Gray Market Rewards

Redeem your Mittens and Scarves for rewards. It’s a great opportunity to hunt down those Specific Silver Mythic Fighters you’re after!

Choice Alert Mythic30 Red Mittens15
Choice Strong Mythic30 Green Mittens15
Choice Fast Mythic30 Yellow Mittens15
Choice Tough Mythic30 Blue Mittens15
Random Alert Mythic20 Red Mittens20
Random Strong Mythic20 Green Mittens20
Random Fast Mythic20 Yellow Mittens20
Random Tough Mythic20 Blue Mittens20
Lilith600 Scarves30
Ulysses600 Scarves30
2HR Military Tribute Pack200 Scarves10
2,500 Armory Tokens200 Scarves40
World Energy Refill100 Scarves50
2,500 Gear Markers100 Scarves50