Greetings Survivors,

As the weeks press on in the Conquest update we’ve continued to receive some awesome feedback from the playerbase, and we want to make some of your suggestions come true! In an effort to keep our promise to always keep improving RTS, we’ve done a comprehensive sweep of short term improvements for the game and are implementing the following improvements this Wednesday, 4/21!

Region Transfer Revamp

We’ve seen a lot of questions about what’s next with Region Transfers, and today we have an answer! We have an update to the system that should make transferring easier and put more choice in your hands as to when and where to transfer! The changes to the system are as following:

  • Transfers will now be permanently available and there will no longer be specific transfer windows
  • Transfers will have a 90 day cooldown
    • Faction transfer cooldown and Solo Transfer cooldowns are shared
  • Players will be allowed to move within Waves or up to new Waves
    • Players will not be allowed to move up multiple waves at once

Transfer Paths:

  • Wave 1A
    • Players from Wave 1A will only be allowed to:
      • Transfer laterally amongst other 1A regions
      • Transfer down to 1B
  • Wave 1B
    • Players from Wave 1B will be allowed to:
      • Transfer up to 1A
      • Transfer laterally amongst other 1B regions
  • Wave 2
    • Players from Wave 2 will be allowed to:
      • Transfer up to 1B
      • Transfer laterally amongst other Wave 2 regions
  • Wave 3
    • Players from Wave 3 will be allowed to:
      • Transfer up to Wave 2
      • Transfer laterally amongst other Wave 3 regions

Notes: We are still looking to improve the 1A transfer process, and more iterations on the system will be considered in the future after we collect data about this current implementation.

Faction Mission Event progress will NOT transfer with you, so please time your Region Transfers carefully.

Mythic Gold Fighter Grind Event

There were a lot of things the S-class character model got right, and one of those was the ability to pick the Fighters that you want to grind for! Starting Wednesday, we are introducing the Mythic Gold Fighter Grind event. The event is straightforward: A roadmap will appear every day in-game and that roadmap will award 250 TWD Gold Medals for a full completion. After collecting a sufficient amount, TWD Gold Medals can be redeemed in the Museum for a selection of Gold Mythic Fighters! The initial slate of available fighters are as follows:

  • Negan
  • Rosita
  • Elodie
  • Aaron
  • Wayland
  • Gabriel
  • Thomas Richards

Each fighter in the list above will cost 15,000 TWD Gold Medal collectibles and will have a redemption limit of 2.

Complete the roadmap every day to earn Gold Fighters! More fighters may be added to the Museum over time.

Daily Missions Improvements – Gold Mythic Tokens!

The completion bag for Daily Missions is getting a huge upgrade and now includes 300 guaranteed Gold Mythic Tokens! These tokens are being added on top of all other rewards, and are available in the Daily Missions completion bag at level 36 and above! Nothing is leaving the Daily Mission bag in its current form, these Tokens are just being added.

Daily Roadmaps Overhaul

Our Daily Roadmap system is getting a massive overhaul to keep up with our new Conquest World! Every roadmap is getting boosted rewards and we have a brand new Daily Roadmap Schedule. In addition, there will be an S-class Super Roadmap on Sundays that give bonus rewards based on your S-class collection! This roadmap will require you to have a specific S-Class character per Act and each week the S-Class characters required will change.

This is a huge update, so check a detailed breakdown of the changes HERE!

Mod Removal Costs Permanently to 1 Mod Scrap

With these series of changes we are also dramatically reducing the costs to remove Combat Mods! All Combat Mod removal costs will be changed to just 1 Mod Scrap to help players better experiment with different Mod combinations and get past those challenging Conquest Stages! This means there will be no more free mod removal before war as it is no longer necessary.

Elite Items Wheel Update

The Elite Items Wheel has been due for an update, and is now being improved to better match the current Conquest world! Mythic Gear and items have been added, Meghans removed, and much more! The changes are as follows:

Elite Weapons Wheel Update

The Elite Weapons Wheel is also getting a makeover! Armory tokens and valuable Weapon Crafting Parts have been added, and the frequency of getting a 3* Weapon has been reduced! Check out the changes:

3* Weapon Parts Added to Raid Drops

We’ve seen feedback on the shortage of required Weapon Crafting Parts due to no weapons dropping the new World Map stages. Our solution for this is to drop these parts directly into Raids! Now when Raiding (at any time) these weapon parts will have a chance to drop! The parts that now drop from Raids are as follows:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Grooved Grip
  • Iron Pommel
  • Rubber Padding
  • Safety Mechanism
  • Welding Rod
  • Open Sights
  • Gun Action
  • Spray Paint
  • Super Glue

We will continue to monitor the Weapon Part economy and will make adjustments to these drops in the future as necessary.

War Crate Update

With our inaugural War Season well underway, we wanted to make an improvement to the War Crate found in battles and Siege rank rewards! The updated crate now has Supply Markers, and has increased counts of the following:

  • Basic Tokens
  • Elite Item Tokens
  • Gear Markers
  • Supply Markers

Nothing has been removed from the crate, quantities have only increased. Be on the lookout for more rewards from these crates!

Removal of Weapon Disassembly Costs

In an effort to make getting the parts you need a bit easier, we are also changing the Material Costs on disassembling weapons to 1! This means each weapon disassembly will cost 1 material, so selecting multiple weapons at once will still cost minimal amounts of Materials.

Weekly Story Roadmap Reruns

We know players love the Walking Dead and Road to Survival characters, stories, and Roadmaps, so we will start re-running some of our best stories throughout RTS every week! These Roadmaps will cost very little PVE energy and have modest rewards, and are mainly meant to be enjoyed for their narrative content. Re-live the origin stories of some of our favorite RTS exclusive fighters and see various Walking Dead heroes take on the apocalypse!

Stay tuned for more info next week, including some brand new repeating PVE challenge events + information on Gold Mythic duplicates!