Dr. Stevens was Woodbury’s top Doctor.

For the Governor’s sick version of an Arena, the Doc acted as the main cut-man… or amputation man depending on the need. Never truly in agreement with the Gov’s vision, he still continued to perform his duty, as if he didn’t do it, who would? He’s a skilled practitioner and valuable asset for any team needing a serious patch up.

Special Weapon

Gameplay Overview

  • Doctor Stevens is the essential healer for any defensive team trying to hold their own in the apocalypse!
  • Doc’s Signature Move allows him to heal every single turn and his Rush not only heals 3 teammates, but revives one as well!
  • Doctor Stevens is an exciting new character who brings a brand new Specialist skill – Halo. Whenever a Halo specialist dies for the first time in combat, they will revive at the beginning of their next turn with 50% of their max hp! If you’re thinking 100% heal reduction will keep the Doctor down, think again! Heal reduction will have no effect on Doctor Stevens when he is performing his Halo ability.
  • Combine all this with his Mythic Ability that allows him to get 100% AP when he revives, and you have a Medic powerhouse that is tough for even the best offense teams to handle!

How to obtain Mythic Dr. Stevens

  • Mythic Dr. Stevens will be part of the Premier Recruits Wheel. Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain Mythic Dr. Stevens.
  • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Dr. Stevens in order to ascend him to Grade 5.