Greetings Survivors!

The long awaited Gold Duplicate information post is here! As players progress their Mythic Fighter Rosters they are likely to run across copies of Fighters they cannot yet use. It is our goal that everything you get in the Conquest world has value, and today we are revealing the two systems in which you can use these duplicate fighters: the Bits Shop and Limit Breaks! Both of these systems are planned to go live in game in early June, so you have time to prepare!

Bits Shop

The first way you can use your duplicate Fighters will be through our brand new Bits Shop! The Bits shop will contain incredible rewards, so don’t miss out!

How to Get Bits:

The Bits Shop will live in the Grey Market and have valuable rewards including some of our most powerful Gold Mythic Fighters. How do you get Bits? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Selling 1 Gold Mythic = Gilded Bit x1
  • Selling 1 S-Class = Rare Bits x2
  • Selling 1 6* = Rare Bit x1

Selling the various types of Fighters in the depot will reward you with the allotted bit currencies. We recommend being extra careful when selling Gold Mythic Fighters, and locking all of your favorites on your Roster to avoid any potential mistakes.

Shop Details:

The Bits Shop will be a recurring monthly tab in the Grey Market. The Bits Shop will contain Gold Mythic Fighters, Silver Tokens, limited quantities of Trainers, and World Energy Refills. Each month, the Bits Shop will “Refresh” the stock of items available, and some of the items in the shop may change. There are two portions of the shop where you can redeem both Gilded Bits and Rare Bits.

Gilded Bits Shop Section:

Every month, a selection of Gold Mythic Fighters will be available in the Bits Shop, which will allow you to turn your duplicate Fighters into shiny new Gold Fighters of your choice. Each month, two of the offered characters will be on sale for a discounted price, a new fighter will enter the shop, and an old fighter will leave the shop. Here is an example configuration of the Gold section of the Bits Shop:

Sale – MagnaGilded Bits x41
Sale – AliceGilded Bits x41
DaleGilded Bits x52
AbrahamGilded Bits x52
SophiaGilded Bits x52
TyreeseGilded Bits x52
IvanovaGilded Bits x52
MagnaGilded Bits x52
AliceGilded Bits x52
ShivaGilded Bits x52

The Bits Shop will have some awesome Fighters to buy over time, including that were previously only available in Premier Mythics and Step Up Recruits! Each month a new Fighter will be added and the sales will change, so be on the lookout for great deals!

Rare Bits Shop Section:

In addition to Gilded Bits, players will also be able to accumulate Rare Bits from selling extra S-class and 6 Stars! It is not the design intent for players to start selling all of their progressed S-class, only to sell extra copies. Here is an example configuration of the Rare Bits Section of the shop:

Silver Choice TokenRare Bits x125
Silver Random TokenRare Bits x85
BernadetteRare Bits x410
World Energy RefillRare Bits x1100

The Bits Shop will be a great way for players to turn extra Fighters in their Roster into even more character progression and power!

Limit Breaks + Conquest Expansions

In addition to the Bits Shop, Limit Breaks and Conquest Expansions will be entering the Conquest World in early June. Limit Breaks are a way to push your Mythic Fighters beyond their max potential and battle against the even more powerful Conquest foes in new loops of the game mode!

Limit Breaks:

Limit Breaks will be a new way to power up your Mythic Fighters even further! Eventually, each Mythic Fighter will have 3 Limit Breaks available. However, Limit Breaks 2 and 3 will be introduced into the game over a span of many months so as to not overload players. For this first June update, only 1 Limit Break will be added. 

Only Grade 5 Fighters are eligible for Limit Breaks. Once at Grade 5, you can Limit Break a Fighter by ascending it using a single Gold Duplicate! Limit Breaking a fighter will grant 40 new available levels (which require new gear to unlock), grant an Adrenaline Rush or Signature Move improvement, and provide the opportunity to improve a single Mythic Ability already present on the fighter. Each time a Limit Break is introduced, the gear required for previous levels below will become more available in game.

Because Limit Breaks will be introduced over time, you will be able to sell copies of these fighters for Gilded Bits in the Grey Market before you can Limit Break them. Please make these decisions carefully! Future Limit Breaks will allow you to bring your oldest characters up to new, powerful levels to maintain relevance in whatever combat metas and challenges you face!

Conquest Expansions:

Each time a Limit Break is introduced, so will another Loop of Conquest Mode! Each new loop will get tougher and tougher, and the fighters that make up the challenging boss levels will change. You may see fighters that aren’t even released in game yet! As you progress further through the loops, the rewards will keep increasing as well.

Limit Breaking a Lieutenant will increase the available cap on your Lieutenant Levels by 15. Push your Lieutenants to new heights and keep your fighters powerful.