Are you not tired of being ambushed at every turn? Tired of always having to watch your back? Tired of living in fear for your loved ones? Tired of not feeling safe anywhere?

Then it’s time to fight back! Grab your strongest fighters, and let’s take the battle straight to the Whisperer’s Camp! It will be direct, and it will be brutal, but they’ll have nowhere to hide or run.

It’s time to end this!

Event Dates:

Start: 4/28/2021 12:00 PM PT

End: 5/6/2021 12:00 PM PT 

Event Overview:

Our new Premium Event offers the first real challenge of the Mythic Era in TWD: RTS!

A new Whisperer’s Camp Roadmap will become available, with 5 Acts of 10 stages each, which will require Whisperer Keys to unlock.

Whisperer Keys will be available for purchase in the shop and will unlock the Roadmap for 10 MINUTES.

Once unlocked, you will have 10 minutes to progress as far as possible in the Whisperer’s Camp Roadmap before requiring a new Whisperer Key to unlock the Roadmap once more.

But fair warning… this Roadmap is VERY challenging. 

Each Act will require a higher Grade of Mythic Fighter than the previous act, and the difficulty will significantly ramp up. The rewards will also DOUBLE with each Act you make it through.

Each Stage will award increasing amounts of Trainers and Gear Bags, while Act rewards will award varying amounts of Elite Fighter Tokens, Select Recruit Tokens, and Mythic Recruit Tokens.

Beat the final Act and you’ll receive a choice between Gold Mythic Alpha or Gold Mythic Beta as a reward!

Are you ready to face the greatest challenge yet? 

Whisperer’s Camp Roadmap

Here are all the details you’ll need to be ready for when the 10-minute timer starts.

StageMythic Grade RequiredWorld Energy CostWavesMax DifficultyReward 1Reward 2
Act 11 Token Bag
11165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
21165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
31165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
41165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
51165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
61165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
71165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
81165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
91165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
101165002 Burt1 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
Act 22 Token Bag
12261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
22261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
32261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
42261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
52261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
62261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
72261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
82261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
92261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
102261,0004 Burt2 Ultra Rare Gear Bag
Act 34 Token Bag
13462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
23462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
33462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
43462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
53462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
63462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
73462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
83462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
93462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
103462,0008 Burt1 Epic Gear Bag
Act 48 Token Bag
14864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
24864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
34864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
44864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
54864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
64864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
74864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
84864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
94864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
104864,00016 Burt1 Legendary Gear Bag
Act 5Choice of Gold Mythic Alpha or Beta
151668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
251668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
351668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
451668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
551668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
651668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
751668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
851668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
951668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag
1051668,00032 Burt1 Mythic Gear Bag