The community is still making progress in The Recruit-a-Friend Challenge and has managed to reach 68% of the goal at the time of reporting.

A decent way towards the 70% Milestone which will reward all our players with 10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens once reached.

We’re confident you’ll be able to recruit enough of your friends over the weekend to hit such an impressive milestone, and some of the team are even wondering how far you’ll make it, as the community tends to go into recruitment overdrive (like when you smashed through two milestones last weekend).

So, what do you say? Think you can make it to 80%? 

Remember: Every new player that reaches level 10 or player that returns after being away for 45 days or more will count towards the goal for everyone.


10% to Goal*10,000 Select Recruit Tokens
20% to Goal*25 Benedict Trainers
30% to Goal*10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
40% to Goal*750k Ascendance + 900 Legendary Medals
50% to Goal*20,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
60% to Goal*1 Choice Silvers
70% to Goal10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens 
80% to Goal3 Choice Silvers
90% to Goal10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
Grand Prize(100% to Goal!)10,000 Gold Mythic Recruit Tokens

*Already achieved and claimed

Keep an eye out on the official blog for updates on your progress. Happy recruiting!