Hello Survivors,

Get ready for the first ever Allegiance based event coming your way in Road to Survival — Mythic Trials: Atlanta, coming late next week. The featured Allegiance to kick off our brand new event will be the Atlanta Allegiance and the characters required to fully participate in this exciting event are the following Grade 5 Gold Mythic fighters:

  • “Alexandria’s Angels” Rick
    • Currently available in:
      • RV Elegy limited-time event 
      • Training Grounds
      • Mythic Fighter Collections
  • “Alexandria’s Angels” Glenn
    • Currently available in:
      • RV Elegy limited time event
      • Gold Mythic Recruits wheel
      • Season 1 War Depot
  • “Alexandria’s Angels” Andrea
    • Currently available in:
      • Double Tap limited time event
      • Gold Mythic Recruits wheel
  • “Horrific Demise” Dale
    • Coming back again soon!
  • “The Heart’s Desire” Carol
    • Coming soon!

The event will require your Atlanta Allegiance team to run through a special roadmap. Completion of the roadmap for this time only will reward an exclusive 1st Edition version of a brand new fighter! This 1st Edition fighter will only be available in the first run of the Atlanta Allegiance mythic trial, so make sure you push for this limited time exclusive while it’s available!

If you still want this fighter, but your roster isn’t ready yet, don’t worry! The Mythic Trials: Atlanta event will return down the road, which will contain a standard, non-1st-Edition, version of this fighter. The standard version will have a different look but still maintain the same power, skills and usability as the 1st edition version.

While some components of the Mythic Trials: Atlanta event will be premium during the Trial’s first run, required fighters will also be made available in the future through various events or wheel updates for use in subsequent Mythic Trials: Atlanta.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Carol’s availability and the 1st edition fighter prize!

To help you prepare for Mythic Trials: Atlanta, we are launching the Road to ATL event. The Road to ATL will require you to run a roadmap with specific Atlanta Allegiance characters at Grade 4 & 5 for various rewards including:

Acts 1,3,5,7Select Recruit Token3,500
Stage 1Epic Gear Choice Box4
Stage 2Legendary Gear Choice Box2
Stage 3Mythic Recruit Tokens2,000
Stage 4Mythic Gear Choice Box A2
Stage 5Mythic Gear Choice Box B1
Acts 2,4,6,8Engine GreaseVarnish22
Stage 1Duct Tape2
Stage 2Cutting Fluid2
Stage 3Machinist’s File2
Stage 4Polishing Kit2
Stage 5Blowtorch2

Mythic Gear Choice Box Contents:

  • Mythic Gear Choice Box A
    • Choice of:
      • 1 Bulletproof Vest
      • 1 Tactical Gloves
      • 1 Spotting Scope
      • 1 Leg Holster
  • Mythic Gear Choice Box B
    • Choice of:
      • 1 Fire Starter
      • 1 Ghillie Suit

The Road to ATL Roadmaps will be launching later today to help you prepare for next week’s Mythic Trials. You can also expect to learn more about who the first Mythic Trial’s character reward will be early next week!