Mercer is looking to create an elite squad, which will only include the best of the best, and he’s recruiting!

Prove your worth in combat by demolishing the opposition and claiming victory in Raids and Mercer himself might join your team!

Event Dates:

Start: Friday 5/14/2021 12:00 pm PT

Finish: Tuesday 5/25/2021 12:00 pm PT

Event Overview:

This limited-time event will be a straightforward one: Earn Raid victories to receive Army Helmets and trade them into the Gray Market for rewards!

Each day, 2 Mission Events will become available:

  • Solo Mission Event: Will track your own victories in Raids.
  • Faction Mission Event: Will track you and your Faction’s victories in Raids.

These will reset every 24hrs, so try and keep up! If you manage to consistently complete all the mission events, you’ll be able to claim your Gold Mythic Mercer.

Collect enough Army Helmets and you’ll be able to trade them in for rewards such as Gold Mythic Mercer, Military Supplies, Madeline, Maddox, or Armory Tokens!

Will you have what it takes to vanquish your enemies and join Mercer’s Mercenaries?

Mission Events

Both Solo and Faction mission events will reset every 24 hours and will reward you with Army Helmets

Solo Mission event

Main MissionComplete all Solo Mercenary MissionsArmy Helmet15
Secondary 1Win 1 RaidArmy Helmet3
Secondary 2Win 6 RaidsArmy Helmet6
Secondary 3Win 12 RaidsArmy Helmet9
Secondary 4Win 18 RaidsArmy Helmet12
Secondary 5Win 24 RaidsArmy Helmet15

Faction Mission Event

Main MissionComplete all Faction Mercenary MissionsArmy Helmet10
Secondary 1Win 100 Raids as a factionArmy Helmet2
Secondary 2Win 150 Raids as a factionArmy Helmet4
Secondary 3Win 200 Raids as a factionArmy Helmet6
Secondary 4Win 300 Raids as a factionArmy Helmet8
Secondary 5Win 400 Raids as a factionArmy Helmet10

Gray market rewards

Trade-in your Army Helmets for the rewards of your choice!

RewardArmy Helmet CostStock
Gold Mythic Mercer1,1001
50,000 Military Supplies3630
10,000 Armory Tokens1425