Caesar Ramón Martínez was one of the Governor’s trusted men.

One of the first to welcome Rick’s group into Woodbury initially, he would eventually be the one leading their escape after witnessing the Governor remove Rick’s hand. However, being the master of deception that he is, it was all a cunning plan to reveal their hiding place and report back to the Governor.

Gold Mythic Martinez is a master of control who can confuse and disarm, while hiding behind a Guardian Shield.

Special Weapon

Gameplay Overview

  • Martinez is a masterful control character who finds his place on any attack or defense team.
  • A signature move guarantees his confounding specialist skill while his rush confuses and disarms the enemy!
  • Martinez has some great mythic passive abilities that allow him and his allies to survive through reflect or burst damage! 

How to obtain Gold Mythic Martinez

  • Mythic Martinez will be part of the Step Up Recruits Wheel. Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain Mythic Martinez.
  • Obtain up to 2 guaranteed Mythic Martinez via the Step Up Recruits Mission Event.
  • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Martinez in order to ascend him to Grade 5.