Hello Survivors,

Today we are happy to present more information about our update coming to Road to Survival next week! We have 3 major feature expansions being introduced: our first Limit Break, the Bits Shop, and Conquest Loops 3 AND 4!

Limit Break 1

Players can now push their fighters even further with the introduction of the first Limit Break! Limit Breaks will require one copy of the original Gold Fighter, and award the following benefits:

  • 40 new levels
  • An improvement to an existing Mythic Ability
    • All Fighters will receive a boost to their Role specific ability on the first Limit Break, which include:
      • Damage Fighters – Agility
      • Tank Fighters – Strength
      • Medic Fighters – Spirit
      • Control Fighters – Precision
      • Support Fighters – Cunning
  • An improvement to either the Fighter’s Signature Move or Adrenaline Rush

Limit Breaking fighters will also allow you to push your cap on Lieutenant levels even higher!

The Bits Shop

Players will now be able to sell Fighters for Bits to be exchanged in the all new Bits Shop! The Bits Shop will exist as a tab in the Gray Market that refreshes on a monthly cadence. To obtain bits:

  • Selling 1 Gold Fighter = 1 Gilded Bit
  • Selling 1 S-class Fighter = 2 Rare Bits
  • Selling 1 6* Fighter = 1 Rare Bit

Note: Fighters sold in the bits shop will lose any equipped Veteran Rings.

The Bits Shop design has been revised from our earlier designs. The final Bits Shop design for Month 1 will contain:

Sale – SophiaGilded Bits x31
Sale – AliceGilded Bits x31
DaleGilded Bits x43
AbrahamGilded Bits x43
SophiaGilded Bits x43
TyreeseGilded Bits x43
IvanovaGilded Bits x43
GarrettGilded Bits x43
AliceGilded Bits x43
ShivaGilded Bits x43
Silver Choice TokenRare Bits x105
Silver Random TokenRare Bits x85
BernadetteRare Bits x410
World Energy RefillRare Bits x1100

Each month a new character will enter the Bits Shop and another will leave. Expect to see powerful characters find themselves in the BIts Shop over time!

Conquest Loops 3 and 4

Two more loops of content are coming to Conquest! These loops will feature all new fighter enemies, all new rewards, and all new challenges!

Conquest Loops 3 and 4 will be restricted to using Mythic Fighters only. To balance out this new restriction, we will be rebalancing the middle to end of Loop 2 slightly easier, and lowering the difficulty of where Loop 2 ends. Loop 3 will pick up at this new point.

Keep progressing your Conquest Levels to improve your Tribute even further and get an edge on your enemies!

Expect these changes to go live next week!