Players have been buzzing about the upcoming Limit Breaks, Bit Shop, and Conquest Loops in our Discord, and now you can help us test them!

We’ve prepared a very special Public Beta to allow everyone who applies (android only) to test the current version of all three features!

The team is still applying final tweaks to the systems and designs, so anything you experience in the Public Beta is still a work in progress. This is the perfect chance to help out the team and share your thoughts before the final version is released to all.

Want to apply? Click here!

Please do note that the nature of a Public Beta, for features that are currently in development, may contain bugs that impact your ability to engage with the live game.

In our new Public Beta, you’ll be able to test versions of:

  • Limit Break System: Limit Breaks allow you to push your fighter power even further!
  • Bit Shop: Where you can trade in Bits (earned from selling Gold/S-class/6* Fighters) for more Gold Fighters and valuable rewards.
  • Conquest Loops 3 and 4: Even more challenging levels of PVE content and all new rewards!

More details on how and when these features will be released are coming soon.

We’re also taking the opportunity to tackle several bugs that have been raised through our community. Here’s a list of highlights:


  • Fixed an issue where the game would reload when leveling up the AR of an S-Class character during a Level Up Tournament
  • Fixed some issues with mystery bags not stacking
  • Fixed a signposting issue related to Zone 46 Stage 1 being incorrectly handled
  • Fixed some instances where a Mythic character’s icon wouldn’t display its background glow
  • Fixed an issue where character selection wasn’t sorting unavailable characters to the end of the list
  • Fixed an issue where Autofill could cause a lower Grade Mythic character to be added to the team when the user has at least 1 duplicate of the character
  • Fixed an issue where characters used on the last available Conquest stage would be locked out from use in Ascension
  • Fixed an issue where Autofill could add characters to the user’s team that were on the Stronghold defense team, preventing the team from being used


  • Fixed an issue where certain effects wouldn’t stack (Splash damage and atk vs stunned enemies)
  • Fixed an issue where some effects that give AP could show 1 different than what was actually gained
  • Fixed an issue where the game could reload when fleeing from combat
  • Fixed an issue where when an enemy triggers Elusive to self from their weapon when an attack kills them, the attacker gains no AP
  • Fixed an issue where the Agility passive text callout used too many decimal places for the value displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the Spirit passive wasn’t always working correctly when triggered via Vitality
  • Fixed an issue where Reflect Damage triggered on an Outlast specialist that transitions to the Outlast state won’t do damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Atk Increase While Slowed mod was multiplying if more than 1 enemy was hit by the character’s AR while they were slowed
  • Fixed an issue where a Mythic character’s passive skill being resisted by multiple enemies that have Trauma was not being handled properly
  • Fixed an issue where health bar color wasn’t properly being adjusted to represent the character’s Max HP (the darker the color, the higher the Max HP)

We look forward to seeing you in our Public Beta and hearing your feedback on our new features!

Stay tuned for more news on when these features will be released soon!