Hello Survivors,

With the imminent release of Limit Breaks, The Bits Shop and Conquest Loop 3 and 4, a brand new, very limited run wheel will be coming to the game to celebrate in the form of Limit Break Recruits!

If you’re trying to hit grade 6 with some of your existing roster, or looking to bring some fresh blood to your teams, Limit Break Recruits is the wheel for you! This wheel brings you 6x higher appearance rates on Gold Mythic Fighters

Limit Break Recruits Run Dates

  • Start: 6/10/21 @ 5:00PM PDT
  • End: 6/24/21 @ 5:00 PM PDT


In order to pull on Limit Break Recruits, pick up Bomber Tokens from the Shop, available exclusively for coins. Each player will be limited to a maximum of 2100 obtainable tokens, capping out a total of 210 pulls available per region. After you’ve acquired your tokens, head on over to token wheels. It’s that simple!

Note: Limit Break Recruits is a token wheel and therefore not eligible for Survivors Club Free Pulls

Limit Break Recruits Gold Mythic Fighters

The following fighters can be found in Limit Break Recruits:

  • Ezekiel
  • Michonne
  • Princess
  • Raso
  • Connor
  • Alpha
  • Mercer
  • Rick
  • Thomas R
  • Beta
  • Elodie
  • Glenn

Appearance Rates

  • Gold Mythic Recruit: 6%
  • Silver Mythic Recruit: 10%
  • Legendary Recruit: 20%
  • Epic Recruit: 64%

This type of wheel will only appear once per Limit Break, so make sure to take advantage of the increased appearance rates before they’re gone! 

Mythic Trials: Survivors Update

You can expect that the Mythic Trials: Survivors coming up very soon, just weeks away! If you have yet to, this is a perfect opportunity to potentially pick up Mythic Michonne, who is a requirement for that trial!