Mythic Battle Pass: Season 2 will be ending this Monday, and Mythic Battle Pass: Season 3 will be hot on its heels!

Season 3 brings a ton of exciting changes, thanks to all the feedback and suggestions our community provided on our past seasons.

The first and most important of all the changes is the return of the 5-Star Weapon!

The new 5-Star Weapon Raso’s Assault Rifle will be awarded at Tier 20, which means you’ll also receive your choice at a Battle Pass Fighter at Tier 30 like last season!

By reaching Tier 30 this season you’ll be able to choose between Gold Mythic Andrea, Gold Mythic Wayland, or 10,000 Gold Mythic Tokens.

Season 3 Changes

  • New 5-Star Weapon reward: back by popular request, Raso’s Assault Rifle will be awarded by reaching Tier 20 of the Battle Pass Royal Tier.
  • New Gold Mythic Fighter rewards: This season offers a choice between Gold Mythic Andrea, Gold Mythic Wayland, or 10,000 Gold Mythic Tokens for reaching Tier 30.
  • +10,000 instant Mythic Tokens: a 10,000 Mythic Token reward in the previous season was replaced by the new weapon. You will now receive these tokens instantly upon obtaining your Season 3 Royal Key.
  • Choice Rewards have been replaced by Choice Boxes: to avoid putting you on the spot, Choice Gear and Silver rewards will now be Choice Boxes.
  • Leader Duty Bag missions have been removed: to make our Battle Pass more accessible, they will be replaced by 3 more weekly challenges, ensuring you’re able to collect the same amount of Battle Pass Points this season.

These changes could not have been possible without all your feedback, so we’d like to give a shoutout to our Discord Community and Player Council for always sharing their thoughts with us.

We hope these changes will make for a much more enjoyable experience and take a little pressure off from some of the choices you had to make.

How do I unlock Royal Tier rewards?

The Royal Battle Pass Key is an optional purchase to unlock the Royal Tier to get even more rewards, including instant access to 20,000 extra Mythic Recruit Tokens and 10 Bonus Tiers of rewards.

Note: You will only be able to start completing the Bonus Tiers AFTER claiming your Tier 30 Reward.

The Key is available in the “Battle Pass” tab of the Featured Store.

Will my Royal Tier progress be tracked if I buy the Key later in the event?

Absolutely. You will make progress towards both Tiers when you collect Battle Pass Points. Royal Tier rewards will be unlocked when you buy the Key (retroactively as well, so you can purchase it at any time).

So don’t worry! You’ll only need to purchase the Key once for the entire event.

How do I collect Battle Pass Points?

In total, you will need 9,600 Battle Pass points to claim the 5-Star Weapon and 18,600 Battle Pass Points to complete the choose your Gold Mythic Fighter reward. 

Each week, a new set of 2 Battle Pass Weekly Main Missions will be available.

  • Main Mission 1 – Weekly Challenge Rotation: This will consist of 9 weekly rotating challenges, and award between 120 and 720 Battle Pass Points each, depending on the difficulty.
  • Main Mission 2 – Daily Login Challenge: A Daily Login Challenge will award you with further Battle Pass Points.

Completing all your Weekly Main Missions will net you a total of 6,210 Battle pass Points each week.

Through regular gameplay, you can earn more than enough points to complete the Pass and unlock its rewards.

A limited number of Points will also be made available for sale in the shop every week during the event for players who want to get ahead or catch up.

How can I track my event progress?

To track your progress in the event, you can find the “Mythic Battle Pass: Season III” mission event in the Missions section of your game. As you collect Battle Pass Points, you will complete Tiers in the Mission.