A new Mythic Trials approaches! This time, your Survivors Allegiance fighters will be put to the test, and given this is the inaugural run for the Survivors Allegiance, a new First Edition Fighter will be available as a reward: First Edition Morgan.

As we teased in the calendar yesterday, the Roadmap will be unlocking on Friday, 6/25, so we wanted to give you enough time to rally your Survivors Allegiance.

For the upcoming challenge, you’ll require the following fighters:

  • Aiko “Grizzled Veteran”
    • Sharpshooter Event Reward
  • Abraham “Alexandria’s Angels”
    • Gold Mythic Recruits Wheel
    • Prestige Recruits
  • Gabriel “Horrific Demise”
    • Gold Medals Collection
    • Select Recruits Wheel
  • Rosita “Horrific Demise”
    • Gold Medals Collection
    • Mythic Recruits Wheel
  • Michonne “Grizzled Veteran”
    • Currently available in Limit Break Recruits.

The Mythic Trials are very demanding challenges that will require Grade 5 versions of all these fighters to complete the challenge.

They will be recurring events, so if you feel you won’t be able to finish it, you’ll always have a chance to try and complete it next time around, and even just progressing through the initial acts will net you some worthwhile rewards. Future editions will be easier to complete as we make these characters more available.

However, First Edition Morgan will be exclusive to this inaugural event. Future Survivor Allegiance Mythic Trials will only award the basic version of Gold Mythic Morgan.

We’ll be sharing more specifics on the Mythic Trials: Survivor Allegiance themselves later this week, including Roadmap details and the full spotlight for First Edition Morgan!