Hello Survivors,

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of feedback from our community about the current state of Survivors Club. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be refreshing the monthly missions with all new rewards to help improve the SC experience.

Survivors Club Mission Event

Start: 6/30/21 at 4:00 PM PDT

MissionReward 1Quantity 1
Log In 1 DayBlowtorch5
Log in 2 DaysVarnish5
Log in 3 DaysWorld Energy Refill12
Log in 4 DaysGold Salvage Token40
Log in 5 DaysArena Ticket10
Log in 6 DaysSurvival Road Energy Refills6
Log in 7 DaysEnergy Choice Box (Raid or War Refills)12
Log in 8 DaysLegendary Gear Choice Box A20
Log in 9 DaysMilitary Supplies [6hr]8
Log in 10 DaysLegendary Gear Choice Box B4
Log in 11 DaysBenedict50
Log in 12 DaysMilitary Supplies [6hr]8
Log in 13 DaysMaddox3
Log in 14 DaysMythic Gear Choice Box B10
Log in 15 DaysArmory Token50,000
Log in 16 DaysMythic Gear Choice Box A4
Log in 17 DaysMilitary Supplies [6hr]8
Log in 18 DaysSteel Medal100
Log in 19 DaysPlatinum Mod Choice Box: ( ATK/Def/HP/Crit Set)4
Log in 20 DaysArmory Token50,000
Log in 21 DaysMilitary Supplies [12hr]4
Log in 22 DaysSteel Medal100
Log in 23 DaysBernadette20
Log in 24 DaysMadeline1
Log in 25 DaysMilitary Supplies [24hr]2
Log in 26 DaysSteel Medal100

Choice Box Contents

Mythic Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • Ghillie Suit
    • Fire Starter

Mythic Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • Bulletproof Vest
    • Tactical Gloves
    • Spotting Scope
    • Leg Holster

Legendary Gear Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • Double Holster
    • Hockey Mask
    • Magazine Bandolier
    • Whetstone

Legendary Gear Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • Canteen
    • GPS