The Governor is back from the dead and in his most powerful form… Gov 2000.

In the middle of a revolt of super-soldiers against the Alien Overlords which caused the Zombie Apocalypse, super-soldier Rick 2000 must face his long-time nemesis Gov 2000!

A true evil genius, Gov 2000 likes to be in control and be the only one around giving the orders! He’ll be crucial when leading other Skybound X fighters and will mercilessly pummel the opposing Leader into a pulp.

Gameplay Walkthrough

The Future is Now and Gov 2000 is here to show you the way! He’s going to put on a (anti) stunning display and ensure victory for his fellow Skybound X teammates.

  • Always aggressive and angry, he’s looking to take down the opposing leader first. He firmly believes that when you cut off the head of the snake the rest will bow down…or if they don’t you make them. Dealing high damage to his enemies, and crippling the leader with Daze and Impair. He ensures even the strongest will not survive.
  • Using advanced technology, futuristic battle tactics and his personal cybernetic scanning abilities he is battle ready and will not go down without a fight. Pair him up with his fellow Skybound X cohorts and watch them dominate the world!

How to Obtain Gov 2000

  • Gold Mythic Gov 2000 will be obtainable via the Invasion Event’s Main Mission.
  • 2 copies will be obtainable through direct gameplay in the event by collecting Hoverboards, and you will need 1 Rick 2000 Belt in order to claim the 3rd Copy.
  • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Gov 2000 in order to ascend him to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1.