Harper arrives in our new Choice Recruits wheel and she does so in good company!

Our latest Gold Mythic fighter, which brings some much-needed recovery to your teams, will be accompanied by Mirabelle and Abraham as featured fighters, along with Alice, Beta, Dexter, and Thomas Richards as non-featured fighters.

And, as usual, the Choice Recruits Wheel will feature increased odds, along with a Mission Event that will reward you with up to 17 Choice Silvers.

And remember, your Survivor’s Club Free Pull will allow you to pull from the Choice Recruits Wheel.

New Featured Fighters

The new wheel will include the following Gold Mythics to aim for:

Featured Fighters:

  • Gold Mythic Harper
  • Gold Mythic Mirabelle
  • Gold Mythic Abraham

Non-Featured Fighters:

  • Gold Mythic Alice
  • Gold Mythic Beta
  • Gold Mythic Dexter
  • Gold Mythic Thomas Richards

You’ll be able to receive a guaranteed Choice of Featured Fighter at 120 and 240 pulls.

Choice Recruits Odds

The Choice Recruits Wheel features increased odds for our Featured and Non-Featured fighters.

Featured Gold Mythic Recruit1.00%
Non – Featured Gold Mythic Recruit1.00%
Silver Mythic Recruit10.00%
Legendary Recruit20.00%
Epic Recruit68.00%

Choice Recruits Mission Event

As you pull on Harper’s Choice Recruits Wheel you’ll be able to progress through the milestones, earning Choice Silvers. 

Note: Your Daily Survivor’s Club pulls will count towards these milestones.

5 pulls1 Choice Silver
20 pulls1 Choice Silver
30 pulls1 Choice Silver
45 pulls1 Choice Silver
60 pulls1 Choice Silver
75 pulls1 Choice Silver
90 pulls1 Choice Silver
105 pulls1 Choice Silver
120 pulls*1 Choice Silver
135 pulls1 Choice Silver
150 pulls1 Choice Silver
165 pulls1 Choice Silver
180 pulls1 Choice Silver
195 pulls1 Choice Silver
210 pulls1 Choice Silver
225 pulls1 Choice Silver
240 pulls*1 Choice Silver

*Remember: You will also receive a choice between a guaranteed Featured Fighter at 120 and 240 pulls.