League Season 18

A new season is upon us! Our Leagues Season 18 is coming next week, and although it won’t bring great changes to the overall structure, we do have new rewards in store for you and some changes to our Arenas Season to adapt to our latest update.

Arena Season Changes:

The Arenas Season will be getting a facelift to take advantage of our latest 30.0 Update and update the reward system to bring it more in line with the Mythic Era.

A new schedule will arrive, to include all the new Arena modes introduced into the game. Here’s a quick example of what you can expect in a Season 18 week:

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayChampions Arena
ArenaLegendary ArenaTrait Specific ArenaStandard ArenaDraft ArenaRole Specific ArenaStandard Arena

Each week will bring new Traits and Roles into play, along with bringing some minor variations to keep things fresh and our players on their toes.

We’re also bringing updated Arena Rewards:

  • Milestones will receive an overall increase in awarded Arena Tickets and Veteran rings, while improving the other rewards to be more fitting for our current era, as we’ll be bringing in Mythic Gear and Training Supplies (Silver and Below) or Silver Mythics (Gold and above) as rewards.
  • Domination, Endurance, and Champion’s Arena rewards will see an overall boost in the amount of League Tokens and Veteran Rings awarded to each rank. Additionally the following themes (Gold and above) have had their items rewarded adjusted to the following:
    • Domination Rank Rewards: League Tokens, Champion’s Tickets, Veteran Rings, Silver Mythic Tokens, Machinist Files
    • Endurance Rank Rewards: League Tokens, Champion’s Tickets, Veteran Rings, Silver Mythic Tokens, Engine Grease and Blowtorches 
    • Champion’s Arena Rank Rewards: Current items will stay the same, with some quantity increases.

New Season 18 Rewards

Of course, Season 18 brings a whole new set of rewards to aim for, including a new Paragon Mod and Weapons, among other choices.

Attack Stat Paragon Mod

As in past seasons, reaching Diamond 5 will award you this season’s Paragon Mod. By completing the mission event you will be awarded a Choice Box allowing you to receive a 27% Attack Paragon mod for the set of your choice!

New Leagues Season 18 Store

The new store includes a new set of Weapons along with a wide array of Silver Choice Tokens, Gold Mythic Tokens, Mythic Recruit Tokens, and Select Recruit Tokens.

Note: We’ve also increased the total stock of Gold Mythic Tokens from 4 to 8 this Season.

RewardSeason Token CostStock
John’s Assault Rifle75,0001
Dante’s Bat75,0001
Silver Choice Token10,0004
2,500 Gold Mythic Tokens8,0008
5,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens4,00012
5,000 Select Recruit Tokens1,50050
10 Bronze Salvage Tokens1,00020