Hello Survivors,

The Emerald Trainer Pass is back! After seeing the feedback from the Emerald Trainer Pass available in June/July, we felt that players would prefer to keep this type of Trainer Pass rather than reverting back to past iterations. Check out the details below:

Pass Dates

  • Start Date: 8/10/21 at 5:00 PM PDT
  • End Date: 8/31/21 at 4:00 PM PDT


To get started, you’ll need to acquire the Trainer Pass Key from the shop which will unlock access to a set of Trainer Pass Missions, similar to past Trainer Passes, which award Trainers for earning renown points in Solo Level Up Tournaments. As with the past Emerald Trainer Pass, missions 10, 20, and 30 will also award an Emerald, which can be used to unlock the Trainer Pass Daily Roadmap which awards Military Supplies and even more trainers! Additional Emeralds can be purchased via daily offers in the shop.

Once the event is over, any unused Emeralds will not be usable towards future events or trainer passes, so make sure you use them right away! 

Trainer Pass Daily Roadmap
Act 1Enemy typeEnergy typeEnergy QtyReward 1Reward 1 Qty.Reward 2Reward 2 Qty.
Stage 1WalkersPvE2Burt1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 2WalkersPvE2Burt1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 3WalkersPvE2Burt2Military Supplies2,000
Stage 4WalkersPvE2Burt2Military Supplies2,000
Act 2Enemy typeEnergy typeEnergy quantReward 1Reward 1 quant
Stage 1WalkersPvE3Brady1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 2WalkersPvE3Brady1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 3WalkersPvE3Brady2Military Supplies2,000
Stage 4WalkersPvE3Brady2Military Supplies2,000
CompletionBrady46hr MS pack1
Act 3Enemy typeEnergy typeEnergy quantReward 1Reward 1 quant
Stage 1WalkersPvE4Basil1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 2WalkersPvE4Basil1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 3WalkersPvE4Basil2Military Supplies2,000
Stage 4WalkersPvE4Basil2Military Supplies2,000
Act 4Enemy typeEnergy typeEnergy quantReward 1Reward 1 quant
Stage 1WalkersPvE5Benedict1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 2WalkersPvE5Benedict1Military Supplies2,000
Stage 3WalkersPvE5Benedict2Military Supplies2,000
Stage 4WalkersPvE5Benedict2Military Supplies2,000
CompletionTrainer Change Bag112hr MS pack1

Trainer Chance Bag contains a chance at Bernadettes or Benedicts in varying quantities

Additional Note

As previously communicated, we opted to bring this back based on the positive feedback we received from the player base! Please continue the conversation about the trainer pass on our Official Discord Channel if you have any thoughts or questions!