Hello Survivors,

An all-new roadmap event, Bone Collector, is coming to Road to Survival later! In this limited-time event, you and your faction will have the opportunity to earn Gold Mythic Recruit Tokens, Steel Medals, Trainers and more!

Event Times

Start: 8/12/21 @ 10:00 AM PDT

End: 8/22/21 @ 10:00 AM PDT


To start Bone Collector off, head over to the shop and find the Bloodied Axe offer. This offer will contain a Bloodied Axe along with a few other goodies for the low price of 70 Coins! Once you’ve picked up the Bloodied Axe you’ll be able to unlock the Crossbones Grindable Roadmap! Each stage of Crossbones Roadmap has a chance to drop Crossbones. Crossbones are then tracked on the faction level in the Bone Collector Mission Event. Check out the Roadmap and Mission Event details below:



  • Bloodied Axe
  • Mythic Fighters Grade 3+
Energy TypeEnergy CostReward 1Reward Qty. 1
Stage 1World Energy10World Energy Refill10
Stage 2World Energy10Gold Salvage Tokens50
Stage 3World Energy10Mythic Recruit Tokens10000
CompletionElite Item Token10000

Note: All stages have a chance of dropping Crossbones

Mission Event

Faction MissionReward 1Reward 1 Qty.Reward 2Reward 2 Qty.
Collect 400 CrossbonesMythic Recruit Token3500
Collect 800 CrossbonesBrady Trainer10Mythic Gear Choice Box A3
Collect 1200 CrossbonesBasil Trainer10Mythic Gear Choice Box B2
Collect 2400 CrossbonesGold Mythic Token2200
Collect 3600 CrossbonesMythic Recruit Token3500
Collect 4800 CrossbonesBasil Trainer10Mythic Gear Choice Box A3
Collect 5900 CrossbonesBenedict Trainer10Mythic Gear Choice Box B2
Collect 7100 CrossbonesGold Mythic Token6400
Collect 8300 CrossbonesMythic Recruit Token3500
Collect 9500 CrossbonesBenedict Trainer10Steel Gear Medals100
Collect 10700 CrossbonesBenedict Trainer20Steel Gear Medals200
Collect 11900 CrossbonesGold Mythic Token8200

Choice Box Contents

Mythic Gear Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • Bulletproof Vest
    • Tactical Gloves
    • Spotting Scope
    • Leg Holster

Mythic Gear Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • Fire Starter
    • Ghillie Suit