Hello Survivors,

As you know, it’s our 6th anniversary and we’re happy to bring you a special edition of Rosita! We hope you’re ready to crit your enemies for absurd amounts of damage, because we are!

Gameplay Guide

  • Happy Anniversary! Rosita is back and this time she is disarming weapons and taking names!
  • With the right team strategy Rosita can get an extremely early rush and devastate defensive characters! 
  • She combos well with Ivanova and Rick and can replace a Wayland for a more damage centered attack team.
  • Rosita can set up kills with her Defense Down rush and characters like Ivanova can follow up to seal the deal. 
  • Slap a 100 Crit weapon on her and watch blue defense crumble in front of your very eyes!

How to Obtain 6th Anniversary Rosita

6th Anniversary Rosita can be obtained from the 6th Year Anniversary Event