Konrad was busy maintaining order within the prison system as a correctional officer before the Walkers appeared. When the world went to hell, Konrad helped the prisoners under his watch rather than just abandoning them. Now he’s back and ready to take the fight to the dead!

Gameplay Guide

  • Watch out Konrad is on the way to protect your offense teams in wars and conquest alike. 
  • Konrad’s leader skill will immediately place guardian shields on your characters and set you up for early attacks.
  • If his leadership skill wasn’t enough Konrad also gets the ability to give your damage role characters guardian shields as well to protect them from reflect, payback or bide!
  • Konrad isn’t just about defense! He also is capable of applying defense down and gaining a ton of attack if taunted or the enemy has Bonus HP. 
  • In a meta where defense teams are putting out a lot of damage Konrad is the solution!

How to Obtain Gold Mythic Konrad

Gold Mythic Konrad can be obtained from the Walker Watch limited-time premium event!

You will need 2 copies of Gold Mythic Konrad in order to ascend him to Grade 5, a 3rd to reach Grade 5+ and a 4th for the upcoming Limit Break 2 Grade 5++.