Gameplay Guide

  • LOCK AND LOAD! Andrea 2000 has arrived and she’s bringing all the firepower from the future she can muster!
  • Andrea has come to the game and with her she brings a really cool firestarter kit to go great with your Abraham and Tye! Her rush allows her to attack multiple times, each spreading fire to a nearby enemy with her specialist skill! 
  • On top of the rush that is pushing fire, even her basic attacks add burn and those burns applied are immediately spread to a nearby enemy!
  • Now with everything on fire Andrea seals the deal with her mythic passives that will apply crosshairs to enemies she attacks, ensuring that nothing comes back from this inferno!

How to Obtain Andrea 2000

  • Andrea 2000 can be obtained from the Underground Resistance event!
  • Note: Andrea 2000 is required to complete the upcoming Skybound X Mythic Trial