Hello Survivors,

Limit Break 2 is now live! You can now push your teams to Grade 5++, which will unlock additional levels and more!

How do I achieve Limit Break 2?

To achieve Limit Break 2 on an individual fighter, you’ll need one fighter that is already at Grade 5+ and one additional grade 1 copy of that fighter. Once acquired, head on over to the Ascendance Tower and simply ascend your fighter through Limit Break 2 to Grade 5++.

What happens once I’ve achieved Limit Break 2?

Once you have a fighter at Grade 5++, this will allow that fighter to be leveled up an additional 40 times, provided you have the required gear! Grade 5++ fighters will require a new type of gear, Silver Medals, to unlock their full potential. Finally, an additional skill will be unlocked for all Grade 5++ fighters for you to level up.

Finally, each time a fighter of a specific role attains Grade 5++, 15 additional Lieutenant Levels will be added to the Lieutenant Levels cap for that role. Make sure you level those up right away to maximize your power!

Other Adjustments

Alongside Limit Break 2, the Leagues Battle Boost max multiplier has also been increased to 9.5. You can expect to see this in-game now!

Future Conquest Loops

As with Limit Break 2, we know many of you are also looking forward to the release of the next Conquest Loops! Keep an eye out here, on the Official TWD: RTS Blog, for more information in the coming weeks!

We hope you enjoy Limit break 2!