Gameplay Guide

  • Welcome Mythic Barker to the fold! A leader who strikes fear in any early turn attacks!
  • Thats right Barker has a leader skill that reduces the attack of his enemies for the first two turns of combat! This means any big attacks with command rick are heavily hampered
  • Barker also excels at granting himself and his teammates AP making attack teams want Barker out of the game as quick as possible
  • Barker’s mythic passives give him more sustain and a bit of infection when he dies, making barker one of the more well rounded leaders in the game!

How to obtain Gold Mythic Barker

Gold Mythic Barker can be obtained from the Apocalypse limited-time event!

You will need 2 copies of Gold Mythic Barker in order to ascend him to Grade 5, a 3rd to reach Grade 5+ and a 4th for the Grade 5++.