Maybe the fastest draw this side of the apocalypse, VERONICA joins the mythic battle! After leaving the Saviors, she joined up the Woodbury crew in the constant pursuit of staying alive.

Veronica is ready to stun & daze your enemy teams into submission! She comes equipped with another brand new Specialist Skill, HEAD CRACKER! If you don’t think her abilities are enough to get it done, maybe her attached Focus Stun weapon can finish the job!

Safe to say, our latest Gold Mythic Fighter has CONTROL of most situations! Find out how to get her in your roster, take a look at her kit & her attached weapon, below.

Gameplay Walkthrough:

  • Veronica has escaped The Saviors and now she’s ready to Crack Heads with a brand new Specialist Skill!
  • Head Crackers will daze all those enemies with turn one signature moves and help sustain any defense team. On top of that Head Cracker will cleanse Veronica of any negative status effect!
  • Veronica has the ability on defense to stun five enemies with the quickest rush ever seen in the Mythic world!
  • With Halo, Crit and Heal on her mythic passives she makes the perfect control defense character.. Oh and not to mention her weapon comes with a near perfect craft!

How to Obtain Veronica:

Gold Mythic Veronica will be obtainable via Veronica Premier Mythic Recruits

Gold Mythic Veronica is guaranteed after 100 and 200 pulls via Bonus Open Rewards

You will need 2 copies of Mythic Veronica in order to ascend to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1. One more for Limit Break 2.