What could be worse than an alien invasion paired with the zombie apocalypse? …Payback! Before we learn the final fate of our future friends, the always vengeful Negan 2000 is ready to strike-back with The Last Raid!

Event Times

Start: 9/8/21 4:00PM PDT 

End:  9/15/21 4:00 PM PDT


In The Last Raid you’ll need to fight & fight hard, in & outside of Raid Tournaments to acquire Broken Lightning Lucilles. Players can redeem the Broken Lightning Lucilles in the Gray Market for up to 2 copies of Gold Mythic Negan 2000! Broken Lightning Lucilles will drop in varying amounts from raids, but drop quantities of Broken Lightning Lucilles will be doubled during Raid Tournaments! (Solo Raid Tournament 9/8-9/10 & Faction Raid Tournament 9/13-9/15) 

Survivors Club members can look forward to daily gifts of Broken Lightning Lucilles & Raid Refills via the EVENT tab in the shop!

Don’t forget to fight through The Last Raid Roadmap to find out what happens in the latest chapter of the Skybound X Saga!

Gray Market Breakdown

RewardCostAmount Available
Negan 200040,000 Broken Lightning Lucilles2
Gold Mythic Choice Box A30,000 Broken Lightning Lucilles2
500 Gold Mythic Tokens900 Broken Lightning Lucilles40
1 Silver Choice Token1,250 Broken Lightning Lucilles25
1 Benedict600 Broken Lightning Lucilles75
150 Elite Item Token300 Broken Lightning Lucille200

Skybound X Login Event 

Alongside the launch of The Last Raid Event will be a Skybound X Login Event which will reward Military Supplies & additional copies of Lori 2000 & Gov 2000 in a choice box for you to decide. 

Event Times

Start: 9/8/21 4:00PM PDT 

End:  9/23/21 4:00 PM PDT

Rewards Breakdown

Login DayReward
1Military Supply Pack[6hr]
2Military Supply Pack[6hr]
3Military Supply Pack[6hr]
4Military Supply Pack[6hr]
5Military Supply Pack[6hr]
6Military Supply Pack[6hr] & Skybound X Choice Box A
7Military Supply Pack[6hr]
8Military Supply Pack[6hr]
9Military Supply Pack[6hr]
10Military Supply Pack[6hr]
11Military Supply Pack[6hr]
12Military Supply Pack[6hr] & Skybound X Choice Box A

Choice Box Contents

  • Gold Mythic Choice Box A
    • Choice of:
      • Harper
      • Raso
  • Skybound X Choice Box A
    • Choice of:
      • Gov 2000
      • Lori 2000