Hello Survivors,

The September refresh is upon us! We’re always listening to player feedback & have heard what you’ve been saying recently, so we’re excited to share the following changes coming to the TWD Gold Medal collections, Bits Shop and wheels by 9/17/2021:

Wheels Updates

Gold Mythic Token Wheel

  • Added:
    • Gold Mythic Negan 2000
  • Removed:
    • Gold Mythic Harlan

Mythic Recruit Tokens

  • Added:
    • Gold Mythic Aiko
    • Gold Mythic Andrea 2000

Select Recruits

  • Added:
    • Gold Mythic Gov 2000
    • Gold Mythic Lori 2000

Gold Medal Collections Updates

All existing TWD Gold Medal Collections cost will be REDUCED by 1,000!

  • Added: 
    • Gold Mythic Jessie Anderson
    • Gold Mythic Tye

Bits Shop Update

We are excited to announce with this update to the Bits Shop, a REDUCTION IN PRICE & and INCREASE IN MAX COPIES available. That means now it will cost 3 Gilded Bits to get a copy of your desired Gold Mythic Fighter & only 2 Gilded Bits to get a copy of an ON SALE Gold Mythic. We’ve also increased the maximum copies you can acquire during each run of the Bits Shop from 3, to 4.

  • Added: 
    • Gold Mythic Zachary
  • Removed
    • Gold Mythic Alice
  • Sales Changes
    • On sale 9/17
      • Gold Mythic Garrett
      • Gold Mythic Michonne
    • Sales ending 9/17
      • Gold Mythic Mirabelle
      • Gold Mythic Dale